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Defining religion better

Previously religion was "the rules we live by"...

This is not a very good definition.

When you study religion there is an underlying belief

that the god you worship helps you live in a better

place in the future as you get to live again.

This sounds really too hopeful? Live forever?

Would we want to live forever?

The only modern religion that claims their prophet

ever rose from the dead, was Jesus Christ.

All other prophets never made that claim.

So what is the evidence Jesus rose from the dead?

And if this is possible, this makes this human prophet

the greatest HUMAN anybody has ever known !

Even more than that, Jesus Christ actually claimed

to be the Son of GOD.

What is the evidence? What is your source

for evidence? Archaeology ? or historical records?

or oral tradition? or Mother Nature signs?

Just how would you define evidence as reliable?

For example, how could you prove the earth

in space and not the centre of the universe ?

There are flat earth believers still on the Internet.

There are scientists who believe the earth is the centre

of the universe, and scientists who believe the earth

is travelling around the sun. Those who believe in

Geocentricity say experiments were blindly ignored

in the quest to prove the ether that made things float

in it. So when you get into subjects greater than you

and me, what is the source for your authority?

Even scientists experimenting with space can and do

ignore results, and make biased conclusions.

Science is very poor at looking into the past

objectively because we assume things happening now

were more or less the same thousands of years ago...

Is this assumption valid? Science really only

experimenting with today, the observed here and now.

Science does this testing best. So how do we all agree

on a source of authority to base our beliefs upon?

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