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Study of Whore or fornication

HYPOTHESIS: What does zanah mean?

INTRODUCTION: In a previous study on zanuwn we looked at a word that means to sow seeds securely across other seeds. The concept means to sow seeds broadly. Now we are studying zanah, which has different letters to its spelling, but because of it letters, the word is related to Zanuwn. In the NT one is given the impression that fornication is some new concept which is hard to define. But it comes from the Hebrew, the idea of whoring around. So let's begin the study and see.

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METHOD: All verses in OT and NT studied.

CONCLUSION: The word "zanah" means "whore".

PICTURE: � �� The meaning of the pictograph is "Ploughing seeds BEHOLD ! the person"

PERSONAL APPLICATION: This Hebrew word "zanah" does not have two letters of so a person who plays the whore has not completed spreading seeds to more than two generations. The process of spreading seeds broadly is an action that is incomplete. This word is more about the person, who is doing the action of playing around, where as "zanuwn" or "whoredom" was looking at the final results of "playing around" and the consequences of people spreading seeds broadly. � ���So here with this word "zanah" or one who is a "whore" we see the meaning clearly. Other English words come to mind, such as "sex worker", prostitute and so on. We need to be careful here, for the Hebrew does have a word for female prostitute and male prostitute, and these words means one who is special or holy in the religious concept of sexual indulgence. This is a totally different idea to one who is not special and just a plain prostitute by the side of the road.

DISCUSSION: See comments in text.

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