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Jesus love curse, self exaltation, fruit, selfishness

STEPS TO JESUS Step 1: "The Saviour Principle "

Q10: What is the CURSE of Jesus' love on us ?

Ho 13:4 Yet I am the LORD thy God�������� I AM your strong authority

from the land of Egypt,�������� I AM able save you from the land of Sin

and thou shalt know no god but me:�������� I AM your strong authority

for there is no saviour beside me. �������� I AM your Saviour

Ho 13:5 � I did know thee in the wilderness, ��� I AM heard in quiet places

in the land of great drought. �������� LESS is MORE !!!

6 According to their pasture,�������� I AM your needs

so were they filled;�������� I AM happy to fill you

they were filled,�������� but when you are filled YOUR WILL chooses

and their heart was exalted;�������� to rise in pride against ME

therefore have they forgotten me. �������� and you forget ME

Under Satan's religion of Baal, we love Santa's presents, but not Santa. Santa is a brand name ploy for Satan under different spelling. We love being our own "home secure authority" but to God such heart effort flows to nothing.

How do we stop the love of Jesus from cursing us ? Easy. By giving away His fruits in us. A tomato plant will keep on keeping on with tomato fruit as long as it is picked. The moment the fruit remains on the bush (selfish) the tomato feels filled, happy and complacent, and thus begins to die and decline in it's life expectancy. To feel always hungry and thristy for more of Jesus' love, we have to allow God to share away His fruits in us to others. Otherwise such blessings become a curse, and we rise in self exaltation. May we allow Jesus to share His fruits in us daily. Shalom

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