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Nickel-Iron technology Off Grid Solar Power

Q13: H2 extraction pipes

These pipes remove the H2 gas for your batteries.

Nickel Iron makes a lot of H2 gas, more than Lead or Lithium.

Notice the pipes leading from the computer fans.

This system is cheapest, with 40mm pipes, 90 mm leading pipe, and 50mm holes, to allow angled downwards over cell cap. The H2 is lighter than air and rises to the top of the 90mm pipe, on a up hilll journey towards the extractor fans.

Like so

The system is nearing completion, with 24 volt lighting wire and fuse, 5 inverters, and the H2 pipe extractors.

A simple 5Amp barrel fuse holder and fuse for the LED lights, is shown.

To do add water to cells, remove the pipes, your head fits OK underneath the big pipe.

Add 250ml of distilled water to each cell.

Like so.

Keep things clean, add pipes back and your maintanence is done.

Next some final touches with the power wiring in the house.

Ni-Fe battery technology

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