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Nickel-Iron technology Off Grid Solar Power

Q12: Off Grid - Maintainence

Now let's consider the maintenence of your system.

The casings on the side show maximum and minimum electrolyte level.

These markings mean nothing helpful at all.

Removing the orange plastic protectors, I clean the nickel iron plates using a dry cloth.

I discovered the water level shown by the red arrow, which is half way between the minimum and maximum level, is misleading.

In other words you cannot trust the indicator electrolyte levels at all.

Looking inside you find the water level below the plates of the cell. See red arrow.

So after adding 500ml into each cell, some cells need more, some are OK with the 500ml.

In total, I used a 5 litre bottle of distilled water for one row of batteries, and another 5 litre bottle of distilled ionized water for the other row of batteries.

In future, the water level should be around 5 to 8 mm higher than the maximum level, and begin adding more distilled water when the level drops to the maximum level. Around 15mm below the maxium level, the water is exposing the cell plates again.

Do not add water too much higher than 8mm above maximum level, as the cell gases Hydrogen alot, and the space above the cells helps cushion against an exploding cell of expanding gas.

Make sure your vent holes are clear and not blocked for this reason.

Next we add some H2 extracting pipes.

Ni-Fe battery technology

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