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Nickel-Iron technology Off Grid Solar Power

Q3: Off Grid - building the power house walls

Decide the mortar gaps for the remaining levels to fit the bond beam on top nicely.

See red arrows, I decide on 12 to 15 mm mortar gaps for each level.

String line is seen, and the hole in wall for water pipes.

Showing how to add mortar to each level, some brick laying skills are needed.

All mortar mixed in wheelbarrow by hand, using river sand and cement bags.

Weld frame for a window, 900 by 600mm.

Not recommended for the faint hearted. Laying the blocks standing on blocks, with wheelbarow of mortar and laying each block into position.

Use a spirit level and block hammer to get each block plumb to the string line.

That's about it for the walls. Next we consider the roof for the power house, and final touches.

Ni-Fe battery technology

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