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Q2: Welcome to prayer training by Jesus..

Make sure you have understood the childlike foundations first:-

(1) How to support Jesus , how to receive "Faith" power daily.

(2) Former rains in Jesus, learning to keep the mind prepared.

(3) Latter rains in Jesus. Keeping spiritual revival going.

(4) You are ready for prayer training. How to experience deeper flow from Jesus through prayer and fasting.

Let's continue with childlike training by Jesus, seven years ago:-

My strong authority be praised ! Jesus is talking to me, through my conscience in prayer.

  • Prayer is listening to Jesus.

    [After many successes in my programming this website for God, some code is not working ..]

    Me: "Lord, your not helping me..";

    AJ: "No.."

    Me: [despondency feeling]

    AJ: [silence]

    AJ: "'re rising in exaltation.."

    Me: "..I see.."

    AJ: "..trials develop endurance.."

    Me: "Will you help me tomorrow..?"

    AJ: "..if you continue to be faithful.."

    [ the morning miracles fall quickly into place, what took hours, takes only what seems a matter of minutes..]

    Me: "...thank you Lord, the program works.."

    AJ: "..thank me formally.."

    Me: "..with pleasure.."

    [ on my knees, in prayerful thanks to Jesus and His skills of programming]

        Jesus brought His servant, this communication the morning of Sunday May 1 2011, seven years ago. Spiritual Springs, and it's PHP programming, is all self taught by Jesus, by His wisdom to learn from reading things on the Internet. The webpages are simple, no Cascade Style Sheets, no spaghetti code. Keep the message childlike. Shalom

    Next we look at an important question, how do we discern the "spirit" talking to us.

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