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The ultimate way of Witnessing, world view, presuppositions, ultimate proof of creation

Q18 What is the ultimate way of Witnessing?

This webpage was inspired by comments from a U-Tube video entitled "What is the ultimate proof of Creation? by Jason Lisle". The Author will use his comments but write my own theories of faith.

All people live with their own religion, which are the rules we choose to live by, and many of those rules are presuppositions. These are rules we assume at the outset before any investigation of evidence begins.

If a person has the presupposition of naturalism, then they see some objects as designed by humans and some objects as naturally made.

But if a person has the presupposition of naturalism, they continue to see mechanical objects as designed by humans and biological objects as naturally made.

Their presupposition says "GOD" is not natural, therefore is not allowed to be in their "world view".

Therefore despite the evidence that a bacterial molecular motor is almost exactly the same as an electrical mechanical motor humans have designed, humans with the presupposition of naturalism, will not allow the bacterial molecular motor to be designed by a supernatural Designer because that goes beyond their terms of naturalism.Thus no amount of evidence will convince them otherwise.

See Intelligent Design.

There are "TWO world views of religion" on earth...

True love "LAB" False love "BAL"
Authority at home .. Home authority ..
means all to GOD means nothing to GOD

Scripture does not name these two "world views". The true love in the heart is a process where people choose GOD into their lives and have "crossed over" from a manmade world view to "God's world view", and this is the meaning of the word "Hebrew", to "cross over".

The other "world view" which is the "home authority" that means "nothing to GOD" has had many labels. It was termed "Baal" and today can be termed "secularism" or "humanism" or "legalism".

When the children of Israel were baptised under the Red Sea, as "babe Christians" they came to the spoken Ten commandments of GOD, and the messenger of GOD (Jesus) spoke these words to Moses:

Ex 23:20 � Behold, I send an Angel "malak" "messenger" before thee, to keep thee in the way...

The Father sends Jesus to be the Way for His people...

Ex 23:21 Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.

This messenger is not an angel of heaven,... because he pardons sins, only Jesus pardons sins because t he... Father's Name is in Him. Proof Jesus pre-existed!

Ex 23:22 But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies,...

The Father promises to be an enemy to our enemies...if we obey Jesus voice...

Ex 23:29 I will not drive them out from before thee in one year; lest the land become desolate, and the beast of the field multiply against thee.

The Father drives out our enemies gradually...

30 By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land.

So Scripture is saying when you begin as a "babe Christian" your enemies are driven out from your soul, one by one by the Father through Jesus, one by one, not all at once lest you be destroyed in the process of cleansing as well. The process of making a Christian from a "babe" to "fully mature" is a gradual one. Thus we begin as cold become lukewarm and finally become hot for Jesus. Thus we abandon our own legalism idea of ruling our heart by human power, and slowly gradually allow Jesus to live in our heart daily in increasing amounts of His power. So when we cross over to meet God the journey for each Christian is a process of growing and changing from one type of Christian to another type of Christian.

Notice both "types of Christians" in general terms:-

God's world view Man's world view
hot Christianlukewarm Christian
trust Scripturetrust translations
Spirit taughtSchool taught
Scripture onlytraditions and Scripture
always growingalways the same
becomes maturedremains on milk
how God seeshow Others see
let's explorelet's be safe
Words are suremultiple meanings

Everybody including the true Chrisitan and the legal Christian cannot come to evidence without a philosophy of pre-conceived ideas about how to filter the evidence presented to them.We all have our "world view glasses" and these glasses filter our evidence before us.

Since the Holy Spirit is our medium empowering both the righteous and unrighteous alike, only the Holy Spirit can change our "world view glasses", if we allow such a supernatural change to occur.

There are NOT only two "world view glasses", for all humans use God's power in different amounts, and even mature Christians will see things differently, because of different personalities and experiences.

So showing Christians different Scripture evidence will not convince them unless they have a similar "world view".Therefore people with a similar "world view" can be persuaded with new evidence.

When a Christian as a babe begins growing in Christ our "world view glasses" framed by the Holy Spirit begins to teach us and empower us with Christ's salvation.And so we grow. If you look through a magnifying glass at some words of Scripture far away, they appear as "real words" but they are upside down in your eyes. But as you move the "world view lens" closer and closer towards the Scriptures, there comes a special point, called the "cross over point" where your focus changes and you receive a gradual renewed "world view lens" tha t makes the Scripture words become more "magnified" but they are less and less certain, the words appear "virtual"... meaning you need more faith to believe in what we cannot see.

We experience as Paul experienced, we become a "chief of sinners" when in fact all that has changed is our "world view lens" of our own walk with GOD.

For more, see changing our "world view" .

Now let's consider an example of Christian differences in world views:

Quote: � Most languages, if not all, are to a degree polysemous, English too as any Dictionary will show.�That is not a matter of discussion, but reality. Over time words achieve nuances of meaning in new contexts; now and then similar sounds produce different meanings from the very outset of the history of a language, and now and then the development of nuances turn into quite disparate meanings of the same sounds and phonemes.�However, in this case it is not really�necessarily a question so much of separate meanings, but simply of the usage of the Divine names as superlatives which is a matter of fact, too

On the other issue of language and your theory that words always and only have only one meaning, much could be said, but your basic theory is contradicted by any dictionary, whether English or Hebrew, as you there find a huge number of listed lexical entries with more than one meaning. My advise here again is to learn the basics of linguistics.� End Quote.

What is this Christian scholar in my own Church saying in simple child like words?

I am not sure, I think He is saying "words" have "multiple meanings" depending upon their context in a sentence.

So for example "adown" means "master" in some sentences and "lord" in other sentences.Is this true? Is this presupposition of my Christian scholar correct? I do not believe so.

For more, see a huge study of this :

Proving Jesus is Lord Adonay Adown YHWH.

I was lucky to come across another Church scholar who knew German very well, and asked him if "adown" always meant "Lord". He said no. So I asked him but Martian Luther translated "adown" as "Herr" or "Lord" consistently everytime... And my Church scholar said well, His older German translation is superseded nowadays... Wow, I thought to myself, Martian Luther I can trust, I know He died saved by GOD, and His translation process is trustworthy. Words do not have different basic meanings depending upon the sentence context, unless the word has multiple meanings, which is uncommon in Scripture. Even with multiple meanings, the "basic meanings" remains consistent in different sentences.

For an example, see Father/Fruit .

The heavenly Father, like an earthly father brings fruit home to his family...when we become like our heavenly Father, what poetry symbol is this ? Fruit... So really multiple meanings in Hebrew have reasons, just like poetry pictures have different pictures for the same word.. The fruits of the Holy Spirit is really the Father's character manifested as different fruits. This concept of Hebrew words should not confuse or surprise us, after all Scripture is mostly poetry.

Update on multiple meaning for "ab" translated as "father or fruit", supposed multiple meaning. (1 January 2019). The meaning for "ab" is more likely a single basic meaning for all contexts as "provider".

So one can have a conflict in our presuppositions before we both interpret the evidence in Scripture.

So the ultimate way of witnessing is to declare our "world view" up front and be honest with our presuppositions before we look at the evidence. How many of us are willing to be honest, transparent and willing to publish our assumptions beforehand?

Would we be afraid to admit there is some of own our human authority ruling in our heart, ... rath er than Jesus, so we love being comfortable in a human world, safe with the traditions and opinions of other humans, rather than in Jesus world, obeying His words of power with meekness and humility?

Notice the world view of my Church scholar :-

  • ..learn the basics of linguistics
  • learn what humans say..
  • contradicted by any dictionary,
  • learn what humans say..
  • Divine names (are) superlatives
  • learn what humans say..
  • development of nuances
  • humans evolve..
  • Most languages are to a degree polysemous
  • Satan causes languages to decay..

  • Study Scripture for ourselves
  • Let the Scripture words show you
  • not what human traditions say
  • what ideal language did GOD give us?
  • how has ideal language decayed over time?

    Do you catch how our world views are different?

    If GOD gave language to Adam in the Garden of Eden, the words would be pure and true. Such a "hebraic language" would not have "corrupted meanings". Such "meanings today" might be the result of evolution over time, the decay of words due to Satanic influences of men.

    If you watch a U-Tube video entitled "Walter Veith on 9-11 Engineers- 'See...Their Report'", you will find this engineers report on the "9-11" twin tower collaspe is an example on the ultimate way of witnessing.

    First the engineers and architects present real evidence that people will ignore unless they change their world view. Then just before the end of their engineering report, they stop and hand the presentation over to other experts who deal with the emotional changes of fear when our "world view" is challenged.

    This is why people in our faith, do NOT like their own "world view" challenged...they are afraid to grow and become more empowered by Christ.

    The video also talks about pride...we of the church have the truth and so are not in error...this cannot be...we are proud of our journey with Scripture...we do not need more Scripture, more faith and more power in Jesus... things are fine just as they are...yes but growing on milk is only for babes, not the mature...but over time we get used to the taste...

    America is a symbol of the lamb like presence of Christ, that was in the beginning of her politics.

    Re 13:11 And I beheld another beast "government" coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

    Sadly as all governments on earth may begin with Jesus, but they slowly in time, speak like Satan.

    Our "world view" is being more challenged everyday by both GOD and SATAN. These two supernatural powers cause all people to make a decision...

    Joel 3:14 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.(KJV)

    We will all make decisions about whom we wish to rule over us completely... we choose all of GOD...or all of SATAN...the process of growing in faith eventually reaches a pinnacle of decision. May we be found ultimating witnessing with God's "world view" and not holding back with our own ideas. Shalom

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