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Jesus Christ, my Dad, Jeff Benner, Ellen White

Spiritual Springs who have influenced the author..

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  • (1)Sin
  • (2)Jesus steps
  • (3)End of time
  • (4)Bible method
  • (a) Jesus Christ A study of who Jesus was and proof Jesus is the Son of Elohiym. A study of Jesus in the Old Testament as Son-Yahweh. The messenger of Yahweh is common in the Old Testament and was found to be Jesus. Shalom
    Index to study questions in a brief but thorough manner:-
  • Jesus Who was Jesus?
  • Faiths Can we Respond to the Deen Show?
  • Messenger Who is the messenger of God?
  • MightyOne Who is the Mighty One?
  • Cherubims Who are the Cherub Angels?
  • Malak Introducing the messenger of God
  • Yahweh Who is Yahweh?
  • Parents Evidence of heavenly parents?
  • Eloah Study of Eloah / Allah
  • El Study of El
  • Malak Study of messenger "malak" of GOD "Yahweh"
  • HelpMate Study of Help Mate
  • Lord Study of Adonay Yahweh
  • Branch Study of Branch
  • Birth Study of Jesus birth
  • Declare Did Jesus declare He was Son-Yahweh?
  • Medium The Medium of the Holy Spirit helps people see God and live
  • God Can people see God and live? Examples
  • Trinity What about trinity?
  • Elohim A study of Elohim
  • Echad A study of Echad
  • Worship Did Jesus allow people to worship Him?
  • For those wanting even more indepth proof that:-
  • Jesus pre-existed
  • Jesus is our Creator and Saviour
  • Yeshua is the Son of GOD

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  • (b) My Dad      My last formal communication with my Dad before He died of cancer. My Dad struggled with accepting God because he saw many Christians as hypocrities.
  • To my Dad dying of cancer
  • My Dad as a Strong Authority
  • Other Strong Authorities
  • Why are Christians different?

  • (d) Jeff Benner

    Some topics covered by Jeff Benner but re-written by the author are listed below:

  • Inconsistent Bible translations.
  • Proving New Testament was orginally written in Hebrew.
  • How the Bible truth has survived well during copying.
  • How the Bible says the Bible should be studied.
  • A child like Bible Study Method.
  • Criticisms on the child like Bible Study Method.
  • Does Hebrew Culture affect our Bible?
  • Examples of Culture impact on the Bible affect our Bible?
  • Pictures showing Ancient man civilization was advanced?
  • Pictures of Ancient technologies that were very advanced?

  • (c) Ellen White      Proof Ellen White was inspired, testing her work in English matches the meanings in Ancient Hebrew, because the Holy Spirit wrote the messages.

    Below is a short cut to some words tested in the study:-

  • (1) Ab: Fruit/Father
  • (2) Yahweh: Sacred Name
  • (3) El: Strong Authority
  • (4) Elohim: Powers
  • (5) Echad: Unity
  • (6) the Daily
  • (7) Chata: Sin
  • (8) Chataah: Sin-offering
  • (9) Mocking laughter
  • (10) Torah: teachings, rain
  • (11) Tsuwr: FlintRock
  • (12) Cela: SaviourRock
  • (13) Hosts
  • (14) Shuwb: Repent
  • (15) Shadday: Holy-Spirit
  • (16) Qahal: Assembly
  • (17) Edah: Congregation
  • (18) Cross abolished?
  • (19) the Righteous
  • (20) Avon: Guilt
  • (21) Chamad: Desire
  • (22) Grace
  • (23) Ahab: Maleness-love
  • (24) Ahabuh: Femaleness-love
  • (25) Ruwach: Holy-Spirit
  • (26) Kathistemi: Original Sin
  • (27) Evolution, Amalgamation and propensities
  • (28) Ets: Trees
  • (29) Torah feasts
  • (30) Wilderness
  • (31) Bread
  • (32) Faithful
  • (33) Good
  • (19) Can Sola Scriptoria include other outside messages of God?
  • (20) Rebuking a website that condemns the messages of Ellen White

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