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Q2: What is the first step to Jesus?


    Hosea 14:1 O Israel, return unto the LORD thy God; for thou hast fallen by thine iniquity. (KJV)

    Yeshua 14:1 O SINNER return home to thy Father�s house, for thou hast fallen by your guilt (Ancient Hebrew).

    This image shows Ancient Hebrew as well as modern Hebrew. The image is to convince you, that this "process of salvation" has existed in the Holy Writings since Jesus asked his scribe to scroll them.

    If you follow the Ancient Hebrew script, (reading every letter inside the word itself, as also meaning) the first step of salvation reads:-

    1 . (First step to Jesus)

  • Pressing securely home you, a sinner,
  • see through the door of your mind the 'HE who EXISTS',
  • with palms (in prayer) to the Strong Authority, He that secures you,
  • with your palms active, pressed to the Authority of the cross, marked homeward,
  • (where at the end of your rope, that guilt which binds you tightly) ...your walking and doing twists securely over you,

    ( you reach out to Your Saviour for Salvation).

    Now to show you some words...

    (1) The Sinner

    Israel is typified by a sinner who �missing the mark�.

    The pictograph reads for a sinner as the "outside covering strong".

    A slinger is shooting a stone at the standard, raised by an outside frame, the covering shows the how the attempt was cast, and the bulls eye the very centre of a perfect attempt.

    (2) Repents

    The pictograph reads : "pressed, secure, homeward".

    This is the idea of a lost sinner turning back to His Father's tent.

    (3) Guilt

    The pictograph reads "twisted, secure".

    The thorns of our inquity or guilt entangle us.Only Jesus can truly free us from the thorns of our guilt.

    This first daily task of being "Saved by Jesus" is the hardest task of them all, for to achieve this task one has to acknowledge you have fallen�

    In the Holy Writings is the hardest question God ever asked Adam when he became a sinner.

    Genesis 3:9 And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, �Where art thou?�

    Where are you in your life, O SINNER?

  • Where are you going?
  • Where are you right now?
  • Do you want relationship with God?

    Summary step 1.

    With my will, at the end of our guilty rope,

    we sow tears of faith and hope,

    in our Saviour..

    I AM your Saviour, be willing to let me in. Humble not proud.

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