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Greatest proof of God's existence

Q10: What does GOD want from me?

The greatest proof for GOD is the evidence He does to people's lives. He wants to change your current character into something like His character full of unconditional love. Imagine thinking of others rather than yourself and having joy and peace in a world of stress and turmoil? Imagine heavenly parents giving you things with your good in mind and wanting to make you happy, not proud happy with treasures that don't last, but humbly happy with real gold people admire? A character money can't buy that brings glory to God...and all this is freely possible because the Son of God, Jesus Christ loved us while we were still sinners and died the penalty we deserve so we could have His power to live happy and free from the slavery of sin.

What does God want from me? Everything you have...your time...your will...your life...and in return God promises to supply your every need...

God knows how to make you truly happy because He created and engineered you and knows your thoughts before you even think them. Why not give your will to GOD and be willing every day to give God a try in your life.

If we were both issued with a chance in a multi-universe lottery ticket, and I lost my chance for eternity, I would be like you and both of us have gained nor lost anything much for I too lived every one of my 24 hours every day just like you did more or less....but what if my grand lottery ticket came true, imagine what I would win because of God's reward and what you would lose ? On the basis of impossible odds everybody by probability alone should at least give Jesus and His saving grace a try ... to change the flow of things in your life. Shalom

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