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How to sow specific seeds of prayer power ?

THIRD STEP TO JESUS Q6: How to sow specific seeds of prayer power ?

It is claimed there are over 3,000 seed promises of prayer power in Scripture. These SEEDS of power germinate quickly from my personal experience. Some Seeds of Prayer Power bear fruit more slowly, like years. Some more quickly like a matter of seconds. Sowing SEED promises, as a child, can be fun and most rewarding; making Jesus smile at our experimenting with His power. The Science of Salvation is truly an exciting thing to have faith in. Faith is playing around with powers we can't explain ( or fully know) but know enough to faithfully use it safely. Electricity is a common power all people use by faith.

To get a seed germinating in your life, pray to Jesus saying :-

(1) Ask for the specific Seed Promise by name. Quote the Bible verse.

(2) Believe the seed promise is already germinating in the soil of your heart.

(3) Claim the power of the SEED promise. Pray what it will do in your life.

(4) Thank Jesus for the power of the SEED growing in your heart.

Click here to study Seed Promises the author has tried as a child of God.

May we all find our prayer life beautifully filled with power from Jesus. Shalom

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