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Disease, self indulgance

Q3: The Third principle of SELF INDULGENCE : Disregard your health !

There are five rules of health listed in Scripture. These rules are :-

(1) Fomites (using clean linen)

(2) Faeces (using compost sanity systems)

(3) Food (using clean foods to eat , not unclean foods...)

(4) Files (keeping out creeping things that carry disease )

(5) Fingers (washing your hands clean)

There are more health principles in Scripture than these, but these are enough to show you how serious GOD is with disease. However, these are only the physical diseases. Bad as they can be to our bodies, "mind" diseases are far more damaging. Some of these are :-

(1) Staying away from bad influences .

(2) Avoiding Satanic spirits .

(3) Knowing that self indulgence is a disease.

(4) Domestic violence or marriage abuse.

(5) Looking after our immunity system, by not stressing .

(6) Looking after our thinking and imagination, that cause spiritual disease.

Even the most healthy person physically (eg a religious vegan) can still die of cancer because of the "mind" diseases upon the immune system. So one of Satan's techniques is to make humans disregard their standards of health. How is your temple of the Holy Spirit ? Is it clean and tidy and running healthy ? May we take seriously the health of our physical temples. Shalom

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