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Study of sloth, slothful or lazy

HYPOTHESIS: What does the Hebrew word "atsal" mean?

INTRODUCTION: The concept of being lazy and slothful is interesting. What do these pictures tell us about ourselves and our attitudes towards God? There is a story of Jesus giving men different talents of His power to invest. Some men away and got busy and made more increase from the flow of Jesus powere through them. But one man who received his one talent, got lazy and fearful that this Jesus power flowing in him might change him, and He loved his pet devil's that help his faviourite sinning habits. Anyway, let's do the study and see.

METHOD: All verses in OT and NT studied

CONCLUSION: The word "atsal" means "sloth" or "lazy".

PICTURE: ��� atsal "lazy" The pictograph means" The eye follows it's own path of authority" Notice the contrast with a similar word made contrasting letters.

"scorn" The pictograph means" The authority travels it's own path & keeps on travelling that way" This word is the idea to scorn.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: What does slothful mean ? We are not to be lazy with the power God gives us. Or embezzle Jesus' power in other trivial matters. Jesus expects an increase, not laziness. You must listen to the still small voice of the conscience, and obey. The natural man in love with self, follows the path of it's own authority, doing it's own thing. We cannot be slothful in our Business work of Jesus' power flowing through us. It is His power given according to our several abilities, and Jesus expects His power to increase in our lives. Be ye not afraid. Be willing to allow such power to grow. Often we are afraid humanly speaking that other humans will laugh at us, or scorn us, or hurt us. Forget about humans, take up your cross, my friend. Look what they did to Jesus. Look to the heavenly rewards, not the pathetic gains of the world here.

DISCUSSION: See all words and related words in OT and NT

"Atsal" Strongs 0601 and 0602

"Ramiyah" Strongs 07424

"Raphah" Strongs 07503

Greek "Okneros" Strongs 3636

Greek "Nothros" 3576

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