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Ancient Hebrew, proving original meanings of God

Q:2. Prove the original meaning of Words..

We have seen this word before. It is a small Hebrew word, just two letters, which mean "strong authority".

See small study of this word if you want to study "Strong Authority" in detail.

The concept "el" refers to a singular one of "strong authority" as this first Scripture reference to "el" shows:-

Gen 14:18 And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high "El" "singular numerical ONE of Strong Authority".

The term "Most High" tells you this is a single "Most High", thus the "Most High El" refers to the Most High Strong Authority, who in Scripture is our Heavenly Father.

Now notice if we add letters to this term:-

The modern Hebrew letters are shown, left to right, with Ancient Hebrew pictograph meanings placed over the top. This word is "Eloah", again spelled incorrectly, but we show it to you because this is a common spelling. The word is translated as 'father god' and refers to pagan father gods, or our Heavenly Father. The tent peg pictograph shows us that our Father in heaven is secure, stable and strong enough to hold up our universe.

See every occurence of this word if you want to study "Eloah" in hundreds of verses.

(50) Pr 30:5 Every word of God (elowahh) is pure : (KJV)

Every word of the Father is pure :

Words are important because our Father wants to bring them to us correctly..

(51) Isa 44:8 ... Is there a God (elowahh) beside me? yea, there is no God ; I know not any.

Is there a heavenly Father beside me? yea, there is no ROCK; I know not any.

The Hebrew word ROCK here is "tsuwr" a symbol of the Father. This flint like rock is a foundation, or a tent peg, that holds up everything else. There are three rock words in Hebrew, and the foundation rock is a symbol of our Father.

Finally if we add more letters we make the most common Hebrew word for deity power:-

Notice our heavenly Father "flows", the pictograph of flowing water suggests our heavenly Father's power flows. This is what making "elohiym" plural really means, the heavenly power of love via our Heavenly Father, flows.

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Ancient Hebrew pictographs

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