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Has Satan encouraged corruption in our Bible?

Q7: Has Satan corrupted God's Bible ?

Animals, plants and humans live and grow in corrupted flesh and yet we are able to receive the divine presence of the Holy Spirit and live a "normal" type of life, even though as a result of corruption our life is short indeed, since Adam's time. So while corruption has affected God's Bible, the Holy Spirit is able to bring the sinner the inspired messages, for the Holy Spirit inspired the words the servants wrote, so GOD is able to tell you what you seek.

2Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God...

Part of this website's aim is to bring you the Bible in the Ancient Hebrew : in the original Hebrew cultural meaning, the Mother of all languages.

But if you are not ready for deeper understanding and you seek the best version of English for God's Holy Bible, the answer is simple. The Authorized King James Bible is the best word for word consistent translation there is from the Hebrew into the English. God bless the received text, the most common manuscripts of them all, because people made lots of copies, of these reliable sources. Shalom

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