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Why does language decay?

Q3: Why does language decay?

God deliberately made many languages in order to slow down the spread and influence of sin. He did this because Satan uses language to spread decay.

If you look at evolution as a Science, it is entirely evidence of decay.

This suggests that God's work of creation, and of language decays over time. This decay is caused by Satanic agencies and by sinful humans.

Language, just like translation, is a process of order, rules and structure. Language can evolve like animals do, but the evolution of language implies a weakening in structure, order and rules. Thus over time language, the gift of God, will decay. But just like animals we can still find divine design among the decaying processes caused by sin, and Satanic agencies.

Language might decay over time, but God has preserved his messages despite this change. The Bible is God's preserved message for man. Shalom

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