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Did Mrs White messages record Ancient Hebrew?

Q18: Did Mrs White messages record Hebrew in "wilderness", bread" , "faithful" and "good".

(30) Midbar: Wilderness

Hypothesis: What does Ellen White mean with wilderness? Does she follow the Ancient Hebrew meaning ?

Strong's 4057.

The Ancient Hebrew reads "Flowing door home Head"

The Ancient Hebrew pictograph means little to us, because we do not understand why these letter meanings were chosen.

The Hebrew words "Door home Head" "Dabar" means speech or an arrangement of words, gives us a major clue, as this word is related to wilderness. Jeff Benner describes the meaning of wilderness as a place of order, which is a simile of speech, a place where ordered words come out of the soul's door of our head.

{RH, April 22, 1884 par. 9} By this the Lord designed to show that he is a God of order, and that he does not sanction any confusion in his work. He had what might be called a training school in the wilderness, and his people need training now just as much as they did then; for the Lord is no less particular now than he was in the days of ancient Israel.

NOTE: What a brilliant sentence from the Hebrew Scholar, Mrs Ellen White !!

{RH, May 6, 1884 par. 6} During their wanderings in the wilderness, while living in tents, the Israelites were required to observe specified rules and regulations, and to be careful in regard to cleanliness, both in their personal habits and in their surroundings; and in these particulars God will require no less of his people now. Especial care should be taken in regard to order and neatness at our large camp-meetings, where we are observed by multitudes. These meetings are important, and no pains should be spared that our faith may be properly represented. God is a God of order, and there should be no confusion in his work. These large gatherings should be made training schools, where the people are taught their duty to God and how they may help their fellow-men by letting their light shine to the world.

Strange that Ellen White messages speak of a wilderness and God as a God of order in the same paragraph. Uncanny co-incidence ? Or inspired by the Holy Spirit?

(31) Lehhem : I Bread II Fight

Hypothesis: What does Ellen White mean with bread? Does she follow the Ancient Hebrew meaning ?

Strong's 3899.

The Ancient Hebrew reads "Authority outside flows"

Notice from Jeff Benner this is a word with two meanings, one the the rare Hebrew words with multiply meanings. The word can mean (1) Bread or (2) to fight.

From the idea of fighting with a dough kneading time, folding it and punching it with your fists.

With the sweat of your brow you will eat bread (lehhem)... Genesis 3:19

Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight (lehham) against us, and so get them up out of the land. Exodus 1:10 (KJV)

{BLJ 348.5} Thus many poor, fainting souls, who are starving for the Bread of Life, are out of weakness made strong, and wax valiant in the fight, and put to flight the armies of the aliens.

{UL 217.3} If we are privileged with the bread of life, we must work in the Lord's vineyard. A charge comes to us to deny ourselves and take up the cross and follow Christ. We are to run the race set before us with persevering earnestness. This oft requires energetic movements. We cannot be idlers. We are urged, "Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life." . . .

{11MR 340.3} I have a message for your daughters: You are not feeding upon the bread which came down from heaven, but upon husks. All the praise and glory you receive from human beings is of no value. Repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Christ, the Sent of God, gave His life a sacrifice that the world might have a second probation in which to return to their loyalty to God. When Christ was threatened by His foes, He said, "My kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36). It is not My mission to recognize caste and human theories, or to establish political interests. My kingdom is not to be set up by the power of human armies or the sword. If My kingdom were of this world, then would My soldiers fight.

NOTE: Even with polysemy meanings for this Hebrew word, the Hebrew Scholar, Mrs Ellen White records the Ancient Hebrew as the Holy Spirit moves her !!

(32) Emuwnah: Faithful

Strong's 530.

The Ancient Hebrew reads "The strong flow across the people. Behold the person!"

According the Jeff Benner this woird means firmness. He uses the idea of a nail that gives support to something hanging on it.

And the hands of Moses were heavy and they took a stone and placed it under him and he sat upon it and Aaron and Hur held his hands, one on each side, and his hands were firm (emunah) until the going down of the sun. Exodus 17:12

Ps 36:5 � Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.

{CG 435.1} Let us not encourage our children to follow the fashions of the world; and if we will be faithful in giving them a right training, they will not do this. . . . The fashions of the world often take a ridiculous form, and you must take a firm position against them.

{CTr 170.6} The Lord will honor those who in this life have been faithful in the little things. . . . They will not be found wanting when the greater tests come to them. Those who honor God in the smaller duties of the daily life will develop into men and women of sound judgment. Whatever trial may come to them, they will stand firm for the right.

{ChS 244.5} God cannot use men who, in time of peril, when the strength, courage, and influence of all are needed, are afraid to take a firm stand for the right . He calls for men who will do faithful battle against wrong, warring against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world�.

Remarkable how Ellen messages write meaning for faithful also as firm, or is this a co-incidence? or more evidence that Ellen White messages are inspired?

Update on this study Feb 2019.

The Author has done a Hebrew sola scriptoria study of faith, rather than trust Jeff Benner. It seems EGW translates "faith" along both English meanings "firm" and "support".

See a study of "faith" meaning "support".

Notice these quotations from the Hebrew English translator:-

  • At all times and in all places, in all sorrows and in all afflictions, when the outlook seems dark and the future perplexing, and we feel helpless and alone, the Comforter will be sent in answer to the prayer of faith. Circumstances may separate us from every earthly friend; but no circumstance, no distance, can separate us from the heavenly Comforter. Wherever we are, wherever we may go, He is always at our right hand to support, sustain, uphold, and cheer.�The Desire of Ages, 669, 670.

  • That prayer which comes forth from an earnest, believing heart is the effectual, fervent prayer that availeth much. God does not always answer our prayers as we expect, for we may not ask what would be for our highest good; but in his infinite love and wisdom he will give us those things which we most need. Happy the minister who has a faithful Aaron and Hur to strengthen his hands when they become weary, and to hold them up by faith and prayer. Such a support is a powerful aid to the servant of Christ in his work, and will often make the cause of truth to triumph gloriously. GW92 32.2

    Don't you love the writings of the Hebrew English translator? How perfect is that to quote Aaron and Hur, and use the process of prayer and support! Shalom

  • (33) Towb: Good /Functional

    Hypothesis: What does Ellen White mean with "good"? Does she follow the Ancient Hebrew meaning ?

    Strong's 3190.

  • The Ancient Hebrew reads "The active basket covering from home"

    And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good (towb). Gen 1:31 (KJV)

    Jeff Benner comments: Quote" What did God mean when he said, �It was very �good�? Was it pleasing to his eye? The Hebrew word towb is best translated as �functional,� rather than �good.� God saw his creation functioning properly or, as we might say, worked like a well-oiled machine. "End Quote

    {CG 394.5} Our first duty toward God and our fellow beings is that of self-development. Every faculty with which the Creator has endowed us should be cultivated to the highest degree of perfection, that we may be able to do the greatest amount of good of which we are capable. Hence that time is spent to good account which is directed to the establishment and preservation of sound physical and mental health. We cannot afford to dwarf or cripple a single function of mind or body by overwork or by abuse of any part of the living machinery. As surely as we do this, we must suffer the consequences.

    {Ev 265.3} God has written His law upon every nerve and muscle, every fiber and function of the human body. The indulgence of unnatural appetite, whether for tea, coffee, tobacco, or liquor, is intemperance, and is at war with the laws of life and health. By using these forbidden articles a condition of things is created in the system which the Creator never designed. This indulgence in any of the members of the human family is sin. . . . The eating of food that does not make good blood is working against the laws of our physical organism, and is a violation of the law of God.

    {CTr 8.1} And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day. Genesis 1:31.

    How beautiful the earth was when it came from the Creator�s hand! God presented before the universe a world in which even His all-seeing eye could find no spot or stain, no defect or crookedness. Each part of His creation occupied the place assigned it and answered the purpose for which it was created. Like the parts of some great machine, part fitted to part, and all was in perfect harmony . . . .

    Yet another example of how the Holy Spirit moves her writing to record Ancient Hebrew messages.

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