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Rebuttal to Deen Show, why Jesus is God.

Q2: Can one respond to the Deen Show studying who Jesus Christ is?

U Tube Video Link

The Lord led me to this U-Tube video one day, and the presenter of the Deen Show was nice to respect Jesus and Christian believers, but also wanted to present truth, as he saw it.

The show kindly describes the Muslim faith and its association with Jesus as a messenger prophet sent to earth by the Father, who is the highest ranked Strong Authority in heaven. This is a presentation which kindly presents both the Muslim faith and the Christian claims of Jesus, in simple child like faith, for Muslims and Christian believers alike to ponder a different approach to this show.

One of the outcomes from this study is my understanding of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. I didn't know that Jews only have a concept of a single numerical ONE of Strong Authority known as YHWH. I thought they understood Yahweh to be a plural entity, or to at least accept the Ruwach as a member of G_d.

The Muslims also have a single numerical ONE of Strong Authority known as Allah. They too do not believe the Holy Spirit to be anything very important.

It is comforting to know Muslims also believe in Jesus. Jesus was indeed a messenger of God, in the New Testament. What is amazing to many people of faith, is Jesus was a messenger of Yahweh in the Old Testament as well a messenger of Yahweh in the New Testament.

These webpages will prove to be an interesting study. Shalom

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