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Creation verses Evolution in Genesis

Q3:Genesis 1:1 In the beginning The Family of GOD

In Hebrew "elohiym" is both plural and singular as a term. The word Family is both singular and plural and used in translating this Hebrew word.

The Ancient Hebrew Word reads: �The Strong Authority secure. Behold the PERSON!� Strong�s 430.

Scientists cannot explain where the first primordial matter for the Big Bang came from. They also assume the natural laws for matter moving always existed. Thus the Evolution Theory already requires a huge leap of faith to believe in it.

Creation Theory on the other hand states the Family powers of GOD created the matter for the universe from the hiding powers within GOD Himself. The concept of LAW is a consequence of God�s presence also. Time is the movement of matter relative to space and thus time took hold as soon as the first matter appeared within the hidden energies of God�s hand, the hidden powers rushing into space.

Habakkuk 3:4 And his brightness was as the light; he had horns coming out of his hand: and there was the hiding �chebyown� of his power.

The Ancient Hebrew reads � Outside the Home. The active hands securely (move) over the people� Strong�s 2253

This Hebrew word is only used once so it�s meaning is very difficult indeed. However it comes from related root words meaning to hide. There is some hidden flow coming out of Jesus hand during Creation.
This letter also means the beginning or seed of the next generation, so here we see Outside the Home of another Universe, Jesus hands are actively secure, making the beginning of things.

Notice the TWO theories of faith:


Universe has a beginning

Universe starts from a point

God creates matter from Himself

God creates time as well

God creates the Laws that control things


Universe has a beginning

Universe starts from a point

No explanation to where matter came from

Time always exists

Laws always existed

If you become one who believes in the religion of evolution, you remove the Family concept. You have no Family values, no moral values, no purpose for social values, no higher family member to look up to and respect. Your world is only the strongest survive, the weaklings in family die. It's a dog eat dog world, pointless, meaningless feuled only by fun, greed and selfishness.

However if you are one who has a religion that believes in the Family of GOD, you have family values that care, and a higher family than earthly familes, who also love us, but much more. If you have experienced a poor family there is hope a better family lives up in heaven ready to allow you into their family of love. Such a family is sharing as well as socially functional. Life has purpose and meaning and you are valuable as another child of the heavenly family. Shalom
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