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What translation is best?

Q5: What Bible translation is the best ?

The common received text....

Such Bibles in English were the Geneva Bible and King James Bible. The King James Bible is a translation almost exactly of the original Hebrew.

Older Bibles are not necessarily better. Bibles were regularly used by believers not stored away in jars, so the best Bibles were those copied and copied and used by the people daily for instruction and reading and heeding.

The dead sea scrolls show the Hebrew mathematical process of copying letters show the copying process to be very very accurate. If you want to know the meaning of a Bible verse or theme, ask the Holy Spirit for the answers. Despite damage done to the words, the Spirit of GOD knows the right answers in the Bible, regardless of which translation you have.

All other Bibles are dynamic translations, adding concepts rather than strictly following the Hebrew. God bless your studies of Jesus our Saviour. Shalom

Further Studies: See Jeff Benner's work on Bible translations.

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