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What are works?

Q1: What are works ?

Ge 2:15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress "abad" it and to keep "shamar" it.


The word means "The eye of the home swings back and forth". This is a picture of the eye of our soul (home) busy doing things. The word "abad" means "to do". First mentioned in Genesis 2:15 ('abad' Strongs 5647).

��� This word means " The door of the home is the person. Behold!" It is used in context to slander. This word is a contrast to "doing". This is the work of not doing, ie slander. See Genesis 37:2 ('dibbah' Strongs 1681)

We were meant to be busy with works in the Garden of our home. How does your Garden Home look ? Is it a paradise ? What about smaller gardens at home? Is your desk tidy and neat? Is your desk a Garden home of paradise ? For mums, what about your bedroom ? Is it a Home Garden of paradise. Do you sleep in paradise when you both rest under the covers. Such is the meaning of to do. May we be busy doing productive work for Jesus. Shalom

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