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Study of guilt or iniquity

HYPOTHESIS: What is the Hebrew meaning of "avon" ?

PICTURE:Strongs 5771. �� The ancient reading of this word provides a clue to its intended meaning. The "twisting" "strong".

INTRODUCTION: The King James Version translates "avon" fairly consistently as "inquity". There appears no dictionary or www source to explain the historical reasons for this English word, over another. One of the reasons perhaps for the strange choice of word is the meaning of the letter "g" was lost over the years. Perhaps Satan wanted this way as the letter "g" often means "dark", or in this case "the twisted ropes". Part of any translation process, includes the current meaning of words today, as well as preserving the Hebrew orginal meaning as closely as possible, aligning oneself to Hebrew grammar, style and choice of word structures. �� There are always assumptions associated with translation. Often Bible scholars make things too easy for the reader, and thus takes away cultural meaning of one language, while translating for another cultural language. Since Ancient Hebrew seems to be the mother of all languages, any language is really capable of expressing the messages of God, regardless of the translation. Following the axiom of keeping things simple and of child like faith, the following study is presented to the reader. Shalom.

METHOD: The method looks again at all occurences of the Biblical word. Since any translation process comes with assumptions, many do not make readers aware of this holy process of allowing God speak to us in inspiration. May God bless us all as we gleam for treasures of truth while the oceans of eternity lay undiscovered before us.

CONCLUSION: The meaning of "avon" is "guilt". "Guilt" is the fruit of sinning.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The word can still mean "iniquity" as long as we associate the meaning of "guilt" with it, and the power to continue sinning as Satan enslaves us with further twisting ropes around our soul. Many of us are trapped by our "guilt", the fruits of our past sinning. �� Such "guilt" comes with hidden enslavery, hence the idea of King James meaning of "iniquity", the idea of some Satanic agency twisting us tightly. A rope is made by making clockwise twisted strands with counter-clockwise twisted strands, so when the strands are released, they both twist together locking each other into a single strand of rope. �� In early Hebrew days, each strand was rubbed one direction on the thigh of the leg, and with the same strand in the other opposite direction. When the single strand is released from manufacture, the strand combines into two strands, each twisting itself onto the other. Guilt is the idea of such twisting concepts wrapping your soul with entanglement. To remove our guilt, we need the divine gift of quickening, to overcome Satanic agencies, and that gift comes freely from Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, empowered and blessed by the Father. Shalom


There are 212 verses that use "guilt" in the Old Testmament.

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