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Nickel-Iron technology Off Grid Solar Power

Q16: User Define Battery Settings

Let begin at 8.30 am, this picture is wrong for this time, as we consider the userdefined settings for Nickel Iron technology using the Victron MPPT settings, using Trina and Zeus, these are different solar panels bring in current and voltages.

One removes some H2 pipes, places the laptop under, and connects the cable to Trina MPPT.

Here is the user interface we need to change.

The load output is always off. I do not have Inverter wires leading from the MPPT to loads, so this function is not needed.

  • Set the absorb to 32 V (or 33 V)
  • Set float to 28V (or 29.5V)
  • Set equalization to 33V (this voltage is disabled anyway)

    Moving slider in expert mode, only adds functions one can't change.

    Absorption is adaptive, (fixed is not useful).

    The time for absorption can't be changed. I would rather it is set to a maximum of 4 hours rather than 6. Hmm?

    Set the absorptive equalization to disabled.

    In Nickel Iron batteries, we do not need to stop Lead Sulphate build up of batteries. Our batteries only get carbon build up in them from charging. A process that requires cleaning out cells after 8 years of use.

    All this documentation while helping me learn stuff, is left here so other readers can experience solving problems too. Shalom

    Save the settings to a file, name your file, this way you know the settings are saved to your MPTT appliance.

    Now let's change the Inverter low battery alarm settings.

    Set up your laptop underneath your Inverters.

    Once connected Victron may require updates.

    Like so

    Click on icon liker gear tooth, and select low battery & alarm

    Change to 20V (or 19V or 18V)

    You cannot take Ni-Fe batteries to 0V without harming them. The lowest voltage you can go is around 18 volts, or about 30% fully charged, otherwise the cell chemistry changes.

    By comparison the cell chemistry changes in Lead-Acid at 80% fully charged.

    Store the settings permanently. Click yes.

    Next let's see if the MPPT's are behaving OK with some sunshine this time.

    Ni-Fe battery technology

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