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Nickel-Iron technology Off Grid Solar Power

Q6: Off Grid - building battery bank

Notice battery bank in place

Notice nickel plate steel rails are bolted into place, firm but not tight.

Add the plastic caps to prevent shocks, and keep things clean.

Adding steel supports for solar panels.

Notice angled towards the sun.

Made mistake with stud hole and fixing hole. With the lugs.

So drilled out fixing hole to 22mm.

Hard to find what you looking for on the Internet.

(1) Stud hole should have been 12mm (2) Fixing hole should have been 20 mm

Do such lugs exist like this out on the www?

Notice the final cables to join middle of bank together as one bank. The cables were second hand from wreckers, huge power cables able to carry 500Amps, roughly 10mm diameter.

This is the most electrical efficient way to make a battery bank, with postive end next to the negative end,to keep cable leads as short as possible.

Notice the fantastic job of crimping, using a 30,000 tonne crimping machine.

My hand held crimping tool goes only to 10 tonne force.

Weld the frame to support cables from battery to main board.

Note the diagram showing theory design.

A copper plate rail bus bar drilled, and bolted into place. There will be 9 bolts to enable cables to add power into and out of the battery bank.

Notice the plate covers both terminals of the nickel iron posts. One for positive, One for negative.

Next we continue building the solar panel wiring.

Ni-Fe battery technology

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