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What happens if language words change ?

Q5: What happens if language words change ?

Languages are made up of words. When languages change often words have slight changes to their orginal meaning, and sometimes even major changes to their meaning. As a result of Satanic agencies, such languages decay into multiple meanings called polysemy. Here is an English example :-

Once upon a time a boxer boxed a box. The box hurt. So the box died and was placed in a box. Now Box the boxer was a good dog as far as a boxer went. He could box the socks off a cat, old Box could. One day Box boxed the box tree until the cat ran down the box avoiding the boxing from the boxer because Box could box ! And that's why the box died ! Now if you find this story about Box, a little confusing maybe its time to box old Box !

Words often show their meaning by the context of their sentences. But you will notice the "box tree", or the "cardboard box", all have consistent meanings, even though these words are spelled the same. The word "box" does not have multiple meanings. The word has different origins caused by slang or technology. The word just happens to be spelled with the same letters. Click here to see.

So words in any language always have consistent basic meaning. Shalom
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