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truth as a symbol of the Holy Spirit

HYPOTHESIS: What does truth mean?

INTRODUCTION: This study is created to investigate the Holy Spirit as a symbol of truth. We can make some predictions before the study is conducted, as any good scientist would do to validate Scripture as a source of inspiration. In the New Testament John 15:26 states the Holy Spirit is a 'spirit of truth'.

Thus we can expect this word 'truth' to be a poetry symbol of the Holy Spirit.

We can also predict the word 'wisdom' to also be a poetry symbol of the Holy Spirit.

We can predict these two words should be linked together.

We can also predict that both of these words will be in harmony with each other and that the Father or the Son will NOT be poetry symbols of these two words.

Otherwise the Bible will be proved no longer inspired.

People who study the personality of the Holy Spirit are not willing to dig for gold in the treasures of Scriptural poetry. Indeed truth will be hidden, and much joy awaits the reader who takes the time to study carefully the Scriptures. Shalom

METHOD: All words in OT Hebrew studied. Where possible NT Greek is converted to equivalent OT Hebrew. The Greek word for truth is 'aletheia' Strongs 225, and this corresponds to the Hebrew word 'emeth' Strongs 571.


The pictograph reads "The strong (one) flows over the nations towards the Mark".

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word means "truth". Truth is a character power flow of love from the Father or the Son. The Holy Spirit is a symbol of truth, because the Holy Spirit carries truth as an agency, or medium, for sinners to perceive.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The purpose of this study is to validate the personality and function of the Holy Spirit. We see the Holy Spirit as a symbol or medium for truth. The Holy Spirit carries truth from the Father of Jesus, to the believer. Many verses speak of Christians walking in the truth, as the Strong Flow over the nations helps them perceive the Cross of Salvation.


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