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General theory of Evolution is dead

Q14: Is the General Theory of Evolution dead?

Special theory of evolution is the minor changes of variation within a kind of organism that changes only within certain boundaries. Such changes can be observed today and this is acknowledged by evolutionists and creationists today.

The general theory of evolution states that life originated from inorganic form and that all living things came from a single living source. This historical belief is acknowledged by evolutionists today, despite the fact that no observable experiment exists to support the hypothesis. Even evolutionists admit today that the general theory of evolution is dead.

Richard Goldschmidt (1878-1958) of the University of California beginning In 1930, and Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard, have developed a new theory of general evolution called the "hopeful monster theory" or "punctuated equilibrium" in which large changes to the DNA sequences occurred all at once suddenly. Why have evolutionists changed their minds ? Because the older general theory of evolution does not work, and the Neo-Darwinist theory of general theory also does not work. Source Link

Macbeth explains why Goldschmidt abandoned neo-Darwinist evolutionary theory in favour of this new concept:

" After observing mutations in fruit flies for many years, Professor Goldschmidt fell into despair. The changes, he lamented, were so hopelessly micro [insignificant] that if a thousand mutations were combined in one specimen, there would still be no new species." Norman Macbeth, Darwin Retried (1971), p. 33.

As an evolutionist Jay Gould explains :-

"I well remember how the synthetic theory [neo-Darwinism] beguiled me with its unifying power when I was a graduate student in the mid1960s. Since then I have been watching it slowly unravel as a universal description of evolution. The molecular assault came first [DNA, etc.], followed quickly by renewed attention to unorthodox theories of speciation and by challenges at the level of macroevolution itself. I have been reluctant to admit it but if Mayr's characterization of the synthetic theory is accurate, then that theory as a general proposition, is effectively dead, despite its persistence as textbook orthodoxy."

Stephen Jay Gould, "Is a New and General Theory of Evolution Emerging?" in Paleobiology, 61(1):120.

There are no records of intermediate forms of life in the fossil record, and no possibility of intermediate forms even when fruit flies are forced to live with thousands of mutations, the fruit flies do not change into newer forms.

"Despite the bright promise that paleontology provides a means of 'seeing' evolution, it has presented some nasty difficulties for evolutionists, the most notorious of which is the presence of 'gaps' in the fossil record. Evolution requires intermediate forms between species and paleontology does not provide them." David B. Kitts, "Paleontology and Evolutionary Theory, " in Evolution, September 1974, p. 467

So Gould says neo-Darwinism general theory is dead, he comes up with a new theory...

But modern evolutionists do not support this theory either...

"Systemic mutations [large numbers of positive, perfect, coordinated mutations suddenly changing one species to another] have never been observed, and it is extremely improbable that species are formed in so abrupt a manner." Theodosius Dobzhansky, Genetics and the Origin of Species (1941), p. 80.

The hopeful monster theory may account for a million changes to DNA sequences necessary to transform bacteria into a jellyfish, but it cannot account for the dozens of forms of life that exploded in the Cambrian fossil era all at once.

So there is no current general theory of evolutionary model to explain how information coded in DNA arises by natural means. The only possibility left is the information code within DNA was encoded there from the beginning, and all these highly complex living things are designed specifically to live and change within certain boundaries. And where did this program of information come from ? GOD is the Intelligent Designer of all living things.

In fact physicists have the exact same problem explaining where matter, time and space comes from in the so called Big Bang...not from natural law, for laws are not creative, laws are only descriptive. Matter is wearing out, winding down, becoming further disordered and heading toward chaos. Even the very quarks of motion require the constant input of GOD to allow them to come into being. Clearly nothing would exist without GOD!

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