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Hebrew Studies, Jesus rock Ages salvation

HYPOTHESIS: What does "cela" rock mean?

INTRODUCTION: When you study the religions of the Internet, there are no religions that the author knows of that speak about two rocks of salvation mentioned in Scripture. The two rock symbols of salvation in Scripture,are the "tsuwr" rock, the Father rock and this Hebrew word "cela", the Jesus Son rock. Unfortunately in the New Testament, the Greek words have only "lithos" for "eben" a Hebrew word for stone, and "petra" the Greek word for rock, thus the Greek translation cannot differentiate between "Tsuwr" and "Cela". The LXX Jewish translators had a problem, and lamented a poor rendering of their precious Hebrew in Greek, as commanded by Alexander the Great. The problems of New Testament translations have caused some issues, nevertheless we can try to make some estimations of the symbols used for rock in the New Testament.

Some scholars pdf document by 2006 by Frank W. Hardy, Ph.D suggest that "tsuwr" and "cela" are synomonous as rocks of salvation. They are not synomonous, but similes, for while the Father and Son work together, there should also be differences. This study will look for ways to unravel the unity of salvation within the Godhead.

METHOD: All words in OT Hebrew studied. Where possible NT Greek is converted to equivalent OT Hebrew. The New Testament verses to rock are attached to this study.

PICTURE: Strong's 5553.

The pictograph reads "The prickled Shepherd Sees" or the "Protecting Authority Sees".

The thorn letter has prickles used to make a corall to protect sheep. The adversary (Satan) also uses a thorn letter, the one who hurts us. Thus this letter is used to denote the one who was hurt for us but also protects us, the Shepherd who sees.

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word "cela" means "Jesus Son rock" the symbols of the Rock of Ages, our Lord Jesus and Saviour. The rock symbols of Jesus and the Father worked together in the Old Testament, as they travelled with the children of Israel under the protection of GOD.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The Bible speaks of a stone "eben" made into a chief corner stone which is used to line up the "lively stones" of those believing in Jesus. Another symbol of Jesus is the cliff craggy rock of Ages built upon the bedrock flint rock of the Father. This poetry pictures are used in Scripture to help us see different pictures of GOD. The stone that strikes the metal technology man in Daniel is yet another poetry picture symbol as well.

Some might argue why is Jesus a symbol of cela rock and eben rock ? This could be a symbol of Jesus with two natures, the divine and the human. In the eben rock or stones are symbols of the brotherhood with man, and Jesus is the symbol of the largest stone that was rejected by the builder's of the temple of their minds for the Holy Spirit to occupy their souls. While wee smaller "bene" brothers are lively stones placed upon Jesus, the largest "eben" stone; as our living sacrifice of praise to Him ! (word pun intended)

In the cela rock we see the divine picture of Jesus as the rock of Ages, which is paralleled as a simile of the Father rock the tsuwr rock, in Psalms 18:2.

DISCUSSION: See the discussion of all verses with "cela" below, and verses in the New Testament.

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