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A tribute to my Dad

Q1: A letter to my Dad dying of cancer..

This letter was written to my Dad a few weeks into learning He had stomach cancer, and was read by my Dad a few months before He died of cancer. We tried to save our Dad from cancer using natural means, but sometimes by the time we discover we have cancer our bodies have been fighting cancer for a long time, and our treatment was a little too late for help. So the doctors placed my Dad on pain killers which as the dose increases your life expectancy decreases, as the cancer continues on eating you alive. Cancer is a sort of living death, and for those of us who think chemo, surgery and nuclear radiation is the best way to treat cancer, there are simpler less expensive ways to cure cancer permanently and it only means a life change, from eating less meat to eating more plant based nutrition. There is a wonderful website called Curing Cancer from the Inside Out on Rave Diet and their DVD is a must for anybody wanting a natural look into the hospital of cancer.

This is a letter changed only slightly for general public reading, and placed on the Internet for the benefit of others in a similar way, who also might be losing their Dad from Cancer or some other means. The letter is quite different from emotional letters, my Dad was an unemotional man, but nevertheless we loved him as our Dad, and this was my last tribute to my Dad before he died.

The letter begins on the next webpage. Shalom

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