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Experimental Life Energy Meter, Orgone Energy, Quantative Health Studies

Q1: Welcome to Quantative Health Studies

The Experimental Life Energy Meter, picks up Orgone Energy in living things as well as non- living things such as dead organic matter, metals and salt, discovered by Wilheim Reich.

The aim of these studies is to quantitfy health principles using the Life Energy Meter.

Lets begin:-

Here are two metals, Iron and Aluminium, as well as wool.

We test the better of Orgone Accumulators.

Aluminium on it's own, reads 55 or 5 units.

(50 is set to zero)

Iron reads on it's own, 70 or 20 units.

Wool on it's own reads 50 or 0 units.

Now let's test the metals and wool together:-

Wool leaves and Aluminium leaves (four of each) reads 60 or 10 units.

Wool leaves and Iron leaves (three of each) reads 72 or 22 units.

Let's summarize

The best energy accumulator is iron with wool, so far as we have tested.

This means organic material absorb orgone energy and metals reflect orgone energy. Combining the two, causes the orgone energy to be trapped and thus increase under the leaves of metal and organic material weaved together.

The diagram shows how interleaving metals and organics together causes a steady increase in the Orgone Energy field, and it seems wool and iron does this best according to Reich and now confirmed here.

I have also test and organic grown orange, mardarin and compared it to an organic purchased tomato.

Substance Orgone units
iron 20
orange 20
shop tomato 14

These results would depend upon weight as well as age. Not factored here.

Now let's test mushrooms, raw and frying them in oil.

The meter is to 10X senstitivity and zeroed at 50.

A raw mushroom read 60 or 10 units of energy force.

A fried mushroom reads 55 or 5 units of energy force.

This is a 50% reduction in life force, and tells us that frying reduces life forces in foods by up to 50%. However more studies are required to ascertain this principle is true in probability.

Now we try experiments with sodium salt and grapes

Set the machine to read zero initially.

18 units

16 units

16 units

12 units

12 units

10 units

Next we add salt to the group, and no salt to the control group

26 units

28 units

22 units

30 units

26 units

26 units

As a good observer I notice increase in the non-salt group

I notice the salt container increases the field by 10 units. Assume this constant for all trials.

Results do not show any trends, even if averaged.

Partially empty salt container shows 35 units.

A brand new salt container shows 42 units.

The only conclusion one can reach so far is salt really increases the orgone energy field.

A fresh organic orange picked off the tree yields 18 units.

A shop bought organic potato (no idea of age?) also yields 18 units.

A shop bought (no idea of age?) onion yields 14 units.

I am surprised the home grown orange is no better than a shop bought potato?

Will have to investigate this further?

Let's test the fresh organic fruits verses the shop ones, dried and processed.

Half empty salt : 4 units of Orgone

Full salt container : 4 units of Orgone

Used Tahini : 8 units of Orgone

Used Garlic herbs : 4 units of Orgone

Fresh picked Orange : 20 units of orgone

Another fresh Orange : 20 units of orgone

Fresh mardarin : 16 units of orgone

Another mardarin : 16 units of orgone

As you can see the organically grown home fresh fruits beats the shop processed foods every time !! Home grown is best..

Might have something to do with weight and age. Further testing required.

Biscuits have no health benefit

Cordial juice has 10 units.

A shop organic potato has 20 units !!

While cordial juice has 10 units.

Biscuits have no health benefit

While fresh shop milk rates 18 units.

Compared to 1 litre of rainwater.

This is 12 units, making the milk add 6 more units, due to something living inside the milk? < p>

Shop dried oats rates 5 units. < p>

While a shop potato rates 20 units

Shop jar of ginger has 12 units

A small potato comes in at 16 units.

A jar of garlic shows 10 units.

Even almost eaten fresh avocado rates 10 units

A packet of ginger less than 5 units.

A jar of dried beans shows 5 units.

And finally bar of chocolate rates 14 units

Some websites speak about fluro lights, TV and microwave ovens, etc as bad for your health?

Maybe? But walking through the house turning lights on or off, changes nothing, even if on sensitive scales of x10 or x100.

I do not see any quantitative effect? Further testing required?

Let's test samples of water

10 units

10 units

14 units

12 units

I remember a friend called Richard used to drink his own urine, Hmm? Health effects? Not sure? But distilled water is slightly ahead of rain water in terms of health.

Further testing required.

The weights are roughly the same in all the tests, doesn't say much of the orange, which might be over 80% water? The life force is mostly water related with some small affects coming from cellular activity or storage organic energy? Not sure?

But if half of the orange is water (10 units) the other half come from living processes inside the cells of the orange (10 units), making the orange give 18 to 20 units of life force energy.

Same idea with milk, one litre, with 18 units. One litre of rain water yields 12 units. So this 6 extra units of life force, is a big deal.

More accurate weight measurements are necessary to eliminate the water affect of the life energy force, so we concentrate on the differences within the food itself, and not just it's water weight content.

Just had the cold (infuenza) and got a large plate with banana plug, testing myself I received 28 units.

Now standing on the plate (300 by 300 by 3mm steel plate) the reading jumps to 50.

My wife also reads 50 units, of life energy.

I test with a bucket of water, 2 litres is 4 units, 8 litres is 10 units.

So your weight of water might change results?

Interesting device, measuring your life energy within you.

Tested with myself and wife and another adult, all tests show 50 units.

Tested a 16year old girl, and she yielded 52 units !!!

To be expected as younger healthy people should have more health than an older person, who lives with mutational errors in each cell.

A young child yielded 30 units, so weight is an issue in the results.

Quantative Health Studies Orgone Energy

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