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The Bible has most ancient preserved writings

Q5: How old is your authority?

People respect old authorities especially if they come to us preserved and unchanged as writings thousands of years old.

This picture shows a close-up of the Canaanite shard found on a hilltop south of Jerusalem in the excavation of Hirbet Qeiyafa near the town of Beit Shemesh. The pottery reveals Ancient Hebrew letters confirming the Hebrew people also knew of this kind of pictographic script.


You can clearly see at least these two letters, the "A" or bull letter meaning strong, and the "U" basket letter meaning cover. Carbon dating indicates the area to be about 1000BC, about 850 years older than the dead sea scrolls which contain more modern Hebrew script. The area is near the Philistines where King David roamed.

It is possible to write Ancient Hebrew script fom the modern Hebrew script, allowing us to read the messages of Hebrew words with more original intent. The Bible is indeed a very old book, and carefully preserved book. Ancient Hebrew goes back to early semitic origins some 3,000 BC. The very fact such ancient script survives to this day is proof that age can be a source of authority for it would have taken a 'higher being' to preserve the messages therein with absolute accuracy despite hand copying.

Could the age of manscripts preserved from decay and human ravage by faithful holy copyists actually be yet another sign that God wanted His special Holy Books to be preserved, proof of a higher authority?

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