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Bible as source of authorityQ4: What is your authority?

My source of authority is the Holy Bible as commonly received when holy men chose books to include over a vast amount of material to choose from.
Sure there could be many more inspired messages out there, but the Torah remains the most ancient of holy recordings in the history of mankind.
I use the word Torah here very broadly to include all Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.

How do we know the Bible is inspired with the messages of GOD, our strong authority? Prophecy is the most major way people find Scripture most awesome in inspiration, especially with 100% accuracy. Over a third of the Bible is prophecy and contains some really compelling predictions that lead any hard agnostic to see the Bible is in fact inspired.

If you want me to prove to you the Bible is inspired because it predicts the future, CLICK here for more information, and we will try to convince you that GOD sees into the future.

If you have an open mind and are willing to honestly reason, please read on, email me or think about such things. Next I would like to consider the age of the Bible as a source of authority.

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