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Forgetting God and His law..

( 1 ) Ge 27:45 Until thy brother's anger turn away from thee, and he forget "shakach" that which thou hast done to him: then I will send , and fetch thee from thence: why should I be deprived also of you both in one day ?

.. turn away from thee, and he forget .. The idea of forgetting our brothers..and sisters..

( 2 ) De 6:12 Then beware lest thou forget "shakach" the LORD , which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt , from the house of bondage

.. forget .. How can we forget Jesus who rescued us from Egypt the land of sin, a symbol of the world, and all it's self indulgences ?

( 3 ) De 32:18 Of the Rock that begat thee thou art unmindful , and hast forgotten "shakach" God that formed thee.

.. thou art unmindful and hast forget .. And yet we forget GOD, especially get angry at Him... And forget we live on probation time while sinning... we should not exist...! Yet we forget GOD sustains us physically until we morally made a decision to remain with Him, or remain with Satan....

( 4 ) Jg 3:7 And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD , and forgat "shakach" the LORD their God , and served Baalim and the groves .

.. sight of the LORD and forget .. Howe easy it is to forget divine power flowing through us and us our human power instead, the Baal power so easily available to us. If you doubt Baal religion is all about using human power, a heart effort that flows to nothing, than I suggest you study Baal religion.

The large proportions of Christians worship Him using Baal religion, and that are deceived into thinking they have the real thing. Real thing ? It's easy to test the real thing ! When was the last time Jesus power healed someone from power flowing through you, even a shadow of power as you passed by in His Name. Religion is not about display, and society gatherings. It's about the power of GOD flowing through us unto salvation. May be relearn the real meaning of religion. Shalom

( 5 ) Job 19:14 My kinsfolk have failed , and my familiar friends have forgotten "shakach" me.

.. and my familiar friends have forget .. When the going gets tough, your so called friends run away. A true friend comes near when others run away. Jesus is a true friend, He comes near you in times of trouble.

( 6 ) Ps 9:12 When he maketh inquisition for blood , he remembereth them: he forgetteth "shakach" not the cry of the humble

.. he remembereth them: he forget .. God forgets not the HUMBLE and MEEK. The Hebrew here is "aniy""anav" You often see these two Hebrew word together. Why ? Because both a human works unto salvation. Humans cannot be humble and meek using human power. But there is a human work required to achieve these divione gifts from GOD. Read about them in the Bible steps to Jesus.

To be given the divine gift of humility, One must do the human work of reading Jesus' words in Scripture.

To be given the divine gift of meekness, One must do the human work of praying listening to Jesus' words directly into your conscience.

Often we do the human work the Bible like a book of words....boring...yes...sure is if you read it with human power....and complicated mess of poetry too....

Often we do the human work of speaking words in a prayer, rambling things, but never giving time to listen to Jesus speak but to us...yep...boring...its called a monologue...a human powered speech to God... and complicated mess of human empty promises too...

No wonder we Christians do not understand the Science of Salvation. Train ye the way a child should go and He will never depart from his tutor training. Some of us need training as babes again by the tutor, before getting to the Master Jesus. The torah of teachings in the Bible is our tutor, and teaches us how to pray and how to read so these divine gifts of humility and meekness flow through us. May we relearn our attitudes to these things. Shalom

( 7 ) Ps 102:4 My heart is smitten , and withered like grass ; so that I forget "shakach" to eat my bread .

.. like grass so that I forget .. God bless the depressed, the soul who feels loss... Who has forgotten to eat...and whose spirit was wilted... May those feeling loss, come back to grow again in His name. Shalom

( 8 ) Pr 3:1 My son , forget "shakach" not my law ; but let thine heart keep my commandments :

.. forget .. Here is a Bible poetry parallel

My Son "ben" , "shakach" forget my law "towrah"
but let thine heart "leb" , keep "natsar" my commandments "mitsvah"

Now the scholar who say parallels are two ways of saying the exact same thing, we have a problem ...son=heart, torah=commandments ?

I do not see Bible poetry parallel as two exact ideas expressed as one idea, but as one idea expressed as similes of two ideas.

Thus the "son" has many similes, the heart and the mind, and the flesh.

The torah teachings of Jesus has a simile too, the Father's Ten commandments.

If a parallel is one idea expressed in two different ways, meaning they are the same thing, why was the torah placed in the side of the ark, and he Father's ten commandments, placed inside the ark under the mercy seat ?

If I said the Holy Spirit is a symbol of fire, wind, oil and water. Does this mean the Holy Spirit is material represented by fire, wind, oil and water ? No. A symbol is a simile of another real thing, but not the same thing, similar yes, but not the same.

For example a cloud in the sky is made of liquid water, yet it doesn't look like the ocean in the sea. So a cloud is a simile of water, they are similar pictures of each other but not the same.

Another example for those Science minded is H2O. The molecule water, consists of two Hydrogen atoms expressing maleness love, and one Oxygen atom expressing femaleness love, arranged in 3D space as a triangle of three particles equally distant from each other. The two Hydrogens on one side and the Oxygen on the other side. This is a chemical representation of the working of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in a symbol we call water, the most common solvent on earth. Does that mean GOD is inside the quantum of all matter ? One has to be careful with these things, for we grapple with concepts the Bible does not care to explain. The simple answer is No. But the objects of Mother Nature are similes of the functions of GOD and therefore useful to study, if you want to study God in this way. Beware of Pantheism , a Religion marketing ploy of Satan to trap Scientists and other thinkers away from the more fundamental issues of Salvation.

( 9 ) Pr 31:7 Let him drink , and forget "shakach" his poverty , and remember his misery no more.

.. forget .. Often the drunk has had so much loss in his life, his drinks... People get drunk because they have a loss they can't fill and so beer fills it for them, so they experience a little relief while it lasts....

It's OK to feel for the drunk, and replace his loss with something better than alcohol.... Jesus understands our abuse and loss..

( 10 ) Ec 9:5 For the living know that they shall die : but the dead know not any thing , neither have they any more a reward ; for the memory of them is forgotten "shakach".

.. for the memory of them is forget .. The dead forget a sleep..we wake up and even forget our dreams from a moment ago in time... The Bible calls the first death a sleep...

I ask you, do sleeping people talk, get up and move about to talk to loved ones who they miss ? Some Satan does inspire to rise out of bed, and move, and even do violence while asleep !!! But for the most of us alseep, we do nothing and forget everything...

So why do you think you can communicate to those asleep ?

They are asleep and you cannot wake them up, Only Jesus can...death is a sleep where GOD sends you, the end of life the beginning too.

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