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HYPOTHESIS: What does "shakach" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: Here is another of our word studies along the theme of "Self" and "Self indulgence". We often forget things. One of the curses in the Bible is when we are happy in Jesus and having a trouble free time, we forget Jesus and do our Baal religion again. We forget Him. Let's see the study for ourselves.

METHOD: See a selection of verses only.

CONCLUSION: The meaning of "shakach" is to "forget".


    "forget" "Strongs 7911" The pictograph means "Pressing the palms outside..."

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Because we do not see non-verbal behaviour very well, we have forgotten the visual clues to people's feelings. Perhaps when one forgets, the pressing of the palms outside, is seen. We have seen this as a similar word already in our "Self" theme study.

    "denial" "Strongs 3585" Here is a reminder. "The Palms outside are pressing" and this means to deny something, to lie, to cheat. Now we have the pressing of the palms outside, as an expression of forgetting. We shrug our shoulders , we close our palms and try to roll off our responsibilities.

DISCUSSION: See comments in text.

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