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FIRST STEP TO JESUS Q9: What is the feeling for this step ?

Mt 5:3 Blessed are the humble in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The opposite to humility is pride, a kind of pride called appetite. There is a nerve that runs from the brain directly to the stomach. God put the nerve there so there would be a literal phyiscal connection to your will, from your external senses to inner feelings. Thus you can control your will, and thus your feelings of will, by the stomach. In other words what you feel to eat, affects your brain's willingness to process decisions. Satan knows this and this is why obesity and food drugs are commonly used to destroy the human brain's decision ability.

The Bible is full of literal symbols. Even your brain is a symbol of the sanctuary coverings. So our willingess to be willing can be changed simply by fasting or by indulgence of appetite. Your decision. This process has nothing to do with developing a strong will. Christians do not have strong wills, any more than other people. Making a decison is not about will power, but about willingness. Are you willing to be saved by Jesus ?

Study humility if you have forgotten what this attitude means. Humility looks out for people. Pride does not do this. Fasting is process of making do with less. Indulgence is the dysfunctional gluttony of wanting more. May the Holy Spirit breathe on you Salvation. Shalom

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