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Q25: Welcome to prayer training by Jesus..

Understand the childlike foundations first:-

  • (1) How to support Jesus
  • (2) Former rains in Jesus
  • (3) Latter rains in Jesus

    (4) Deeper prayer training.

  • The Author wants to rest for a while and consider all the "Prayer Power Promises" Jesus has inspired David to write for us. You can tell a prophet from a follower of Jesus. A prophet speaks prayer words not found already in Scripture. Many of David's prayer words are prophetic, they are not found elsewhere in Scripture. Hence they do not support words already found in the Writings.

    For example the Hebrew word (eduwth) Strongs 5715, meaning "witness" is found only in David's prayers concerning Jesus as a witness to the Father's ten commandments, as in Prayer 19:7.

    Another example is David saying to kiss the Grain, a poetic reference to Jesus, the Hebrew word (bar), Strongs 1248, , Jesus is the Home Head, found in Prayer 2:12.

    We find others in the NT such as Jesus and His followers did use David's words of promised power, and thus supporting Elohiym, by praying these words in prayer. O for a relationship in Jesus, to pray words like David did. But us "child like followers" of Jesus, we begin by supporting the "prayer promises", by speaking them in prayer. This is the way we support Jesus, and love as He loved. Support His words. Shalom

    The Author typed in Google "Hebrew meaning for faith" and clicked on video...and read the first U tube video from this... A random presentation, but I was surprised how others who know Hebrew come close to understanding the same messages. It makes the Author feel Scripture is consistent, others can read Scripture as well and come with similar understanding.

    The U Tube video link

    She writes the Hebrew letters on the board and says the correct Hebrew letters, but suggests "aman" is the root for "faith (emuwnah)", she does not consider "man" the root word for "Faith" as Jeff Benner does in "Ancient Hebrew Research Center".

    She says many correct things about Hebrew:-

  • Hebrew is doing something, ..concrete..
  • One who acts firmly towards God's will..
  • He tells you to do is based on His word..
  • "torah" is not "law", but what He says ..
  • "torah" begins when God created....
  • This is His special instruction...
  • or teachings from beginning..
  • real faith produces action, James 2:17

    She says the first occurence of a Hebrew word is important, and it is, and she finds this is in Numbers 11:12 where we have the word "nourish" for "faith" from "aman".

    Nu 11:12 Have I conceived all this people? have I begotten them, that thou shouldest say unto me, Carry them in thy bosom, as a nursing (aman) "supportive" father beareth the sucking child, unto the land which thou swarest unto their fathers?

    She does not show us the verse, but here it is for readers, with the correct basic meaning, "supportive", not "nourish", although in this context, Moses is complaining to YHWH that he cannot support Israel, like YHWH can, who does support Israel, by giving food and water, so the idea of "nourish" is OK, this is a picture of the Divine offering support. She does not consider "aman" has three Hebrew words and "man" has only two Hebrew words, and thus is a better root meaning for "faith", and all these Hebrew words mean in English to "support"...although other pictures like "being firm" and "nourish" is OK, these are pictures coming off the idea to "support".

    The Author tidied up the image. It is hard to screen capture U Tubes videos cleanly. The speaker spells nourish wrong, showing she speaks Hebrew fluently. But her understanding is fine and child like, and this is encouraging for all of us. Reading our Scripture in Hebrew is consistent and true. Anyone can do it.

    Some in our SDA church have been in Education Scholarship Schools too stricty, and have learned "torah" means the first five books of Moses, and do NOT see "torah" simply means "teachings" as this speaker of Hebrew explains. It is so refreshing that Hebrew readers of Hebrew know such things correctly. We all need child like understanding, so we can get back to our understanding of GOD correctly. Simply and consistently. Without human ideas.

    She explains this as the "milk of faith" and later uses Exodus 17:12 as the "meat of faith", and introduces a strange twist on the meaning of "support" for different contexts..

    Here is the verse she is speaking about,and she is correct in using this verse, as it is the first occurence of "faith".

    She says:-

  • Hur and Aaron assist Mosheh
  • held up his hands, "steady"
  • faith is assisting...
  • bearing that of another person
  • what I can do to support God ?

    She explains Sarah and Abram in two contexts, where Sarah offers to Abram Hagar for a second wife to "support" Abram in God's promise for a child. I would agree from a human point of view, using Baal master powers of self, Sarah is supporting God by offering a second wife to Abram, but such support means nothing to GOD.

    The speaker does not consider "human support" like this, or "faith using human powers alone" is not the correct understanding of "faith", it is a Baal master powers of self, to support God, that means nothing to GOD.

    Another Person's idea of faith

    In this example, the man does not quote scripture, but talks using his own experience. This is a typical way people judge things about Scripture. However, He does bring out some interesting points.

    The man speaks that Martin luther said "Faith is taking the first step, without seeing the whole staircase" .

    He says "Faith is:-

  • more about doing, not knowing
  • to act with firmness,
  • root aman, to agree
  • love God, love others, do stuff
  • living out God's will
  • faith is how much one loves,
  • not how much how one knows..

    So these are typical random samples on the Internet about people and their ideas of "Faith". What is interesting is while they know some good ideas, and have child like understanding, they have not completely studied the Scriptures and what the Scriptures say "Faith is, and how God gives us Faith". You see "Faith is a gift from GOD". So if "Faith is a gift", how do I receive this gift?

    The gift is already written as "words" in Scripture. In the "Steps to Christ" in the scroll "Yashua verse 14:2" says "take words with you" is a child like way of defining how to receive this gift.

    You take words and pray over them, than GOD supports you because your supporting GOD. Simple? Yes. Even a child can do this.

    In the Namba story of modern faith in action, a little girl, with child like faith, supports Jesus by going out to look for "manna".

    After prayer, her little girl, about five years of age, went out of the house and in a short time came back with her hands filled with white stuff, which she was eating.

    "What are you eating?" asked the mother.

    The little one replied: "Out there I saw six European men, and they said: `

    The Lord has answered your prayer and has sent you manna; take it up and eat it.' "

    Do not get the idea, using your Baal Master Powers of Self, you simply fast and pray, and take certain Bible words with promised power, and pray over them expecting GOD to empower your life with His beauty, engineering a wonder through you.

    Is God's magic like Harry Potter, and you speak into a "witch craft book" with magic words ready to empower you with wonders? Well yes.. Satan has a counterfeit exactly like that for a reason.

    God has Scripture with mystery words in them that contain revelation of Him and if you become humble and meek, without Baal master powers of self, you can indeed achieve the wonder of Jesus flowing through you. Fasting and prayer is not something we have to do blindly, as if it is an exercise machine for faith.. No such things are done by you to develop relationship with God that becomes humble and meek.

    What does "humble and meek" mean?

    Humble means "looking out for others".

    Meek means "looking intently to Jesus".

    These definitions will not find agreement from human dictionaries, so beware of following humanism. Notice such meanings based on Hebrew Sola Scriptoria are highly relational involving community love. Shalom

    The Author is shocked that many other websites also have videos about "faith" and it's so called meaning, such as this one here. These websites are confusing, making the reader confused, which is what Babylon is all about as a religion. Such a word means "gateway to heaven" in Babylon, and "confusion" in Hebrew.

    (1) The problem for these websites is they trust human dictionaries for understanding words. The only dictionary one should trust is the Scriptures itself.

    (2) The pictograph meanings here have too many meanings associated with them. You will notice the Author has only one meaning for each pictograph, to ensure the validity of the pictograph theory of faith.

  • Aleph means "strong" as in a verb way. The strong way things move.
  • Mem means "flow" as in a verb.
  • Noon means "across the nations" which is also a verb function. The meaning is about the continuity of life, or the seed continuing the family or a plant or animal or human. This life force comes from the Father, and is "over the nations" is a descriptive function of His love in action. Why does the Author use this meaning? Because it "fits" all the uses of "Noon" in all the pictograph places in all the Hebrew words. That is something God's language should do, a single pictograph meaning should fit all the meanings for all the Hebrew words.
  • Hey means "Behold the Person" is the context of a verb. This means "behold the manner the Person does things".

    Why is Hebrew about verbs, and not nouns like Greek thinking? Because verbs describes actions, while nouns is more of a picture of something abstract. Elohiym is not composed of matter, time or space, so the "Uncaused Cause" cannot picture itself in material objects of matter. But Elohiym can move and show actions, as family members move and show actions. You cannot "See Love", but you can "see love in action between two Persons" and this is what the Scriptures mean when it says "Elohiym is a simile of the Holy Spirit". (John 4:24) This is why all the Hebrew letters are verbs, rather than nouns. For example when we see mountains, we think of the big stable massive structure such things are, and this is a simile of Elohiym (Exodus 3:1). Such pictures are good, but mountains however stable and big and massive, also move, every so gently.

    This website video explains "faith" or "emunah" as "The leader reflecting in man by Grace". Sounds nice, but it is confusing.

    The Author finds the pictographs for "faith" or "emunah" reads as follows:- "The strong flow over the nations. Behold the Person!"

    Faith is a gift from GOD and is a strong flow over the nations by Jesus. Behold the Person!

    As already explained before, if "faith" is a gift from GOD, which everyone agrees, where do I receive this gift from GOD, and how do I obtain it?

    No website that I know of explains how to receive "Faith". The "strong flow over the nations, as promised by Jesus", as His gift to mankind, is found in His word, since Jesus is the "word" or "imrah", should we not be surprised that "faith" are little words of Jesus, written already in the Scriptures? Didn't Jesus speak words, and the creation stood fast, as the Holy Spirit using the Father's powers, did as the "words of Jesus" said?

    Ps 33:6 By the word (dabar) "words spoken" of the LORD (YHWH) "Lord Jesus" were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath (ruwach) "Holy Spirit" of his mouth. (KJV)

    The root meaning for "faith" is "man", meaning "The flow over the nations". This is literally manna in Greek, but is a simile of Jesus, flowing down from heaven for us to "Eat". So if we "take Jesus' words" and "daily eat them", this wonder of Jesus' powerful flow, will move over and through us. This is the true Hebrew meaning of "faith". Shalom

    Let's review the "promised powers" in the earlier prayers of David, and see how we can learn them.

    (Prayer Introduction)

    Ho 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:

  • seeing thou hast forgotten the law (torah) "teachings" of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    Ga 3:5 He therefore that ministereth to you the Holy Spirit, and does wonders among you, does he do it by doing the teachings, or by the hearing of support? (Ancient Hebrew)

    Pastors in many Churches say miracles today don't happen anymore. We have forgotten how to support Jesus, we do legalism instead.

    Our Father in heaven, thank you for Jesus, your Son, thank you for making me a tree by the Holy Spirit, may we bring forth your fruits of character in their season, we support Jesus words. Amen

    Prayer 1 verse 3. We are a tree

    Our Father in heaven, may we kiss the Grain, Your Son; thank you for making Jesus as a Grain or Seed, may we bring forth His Seeds of character in their season, we support Jesus words. Amen

    Prayer 2 verse 11. Sow the Grain

    Dear Jesus, lay me down when I sleep tonight, so I am awaken with You on my mind, for You sustain me; now I can sleep in peace and safety, thank you Jesus for this promised power. Amen

    Prayer 3 verse 5. Safety in sleep

    Dear Jesus, set me apart, hear me when I call, do not let me miss Your power right now, I stand in awe, You will deliver me, thank you Jesus for this promised victory. Amen

    Prayer 4 verse 3-4. Immediate Victory

    Our Father in heaven, when I come into Your presence, I worship Jesus towards His temple in heaven, I pray facing You towards You, westward; on my knees I respect you, O my Lord; I support. Amen

    Prayer 5 verse 7. Pray towards Jesus temple

    Lord Jesus, have mercy on me, for I am weak. Amen

    Prayer 6 verse 2. We are weak

    Our Father in heaven, I put my trust in Jesus, Save me from others who mock, and persecute me, deliver me, O my Lord; I pray supporting You; thank You for supporting me. Amen

    Prayer 7 verse 1. Help from mockers

  • Dear LORD, our Lord,
  • How excellent is Your love on earth!
  • Even babies praise soon from birth;
  • When I consider the heavens,
  • The work of thy hand,
  • What is man across the land,
  • The Son of Man who came down?
  • For You made us like You
  • Sons of Elohiym
  • We are not worthy of a crown?
  • You have put all things..
  • Under Jesus feet to keep,
  • May we be, the Shepherd's sheep
  • O LORD, our Lord
  • How excellent is thy Name
  • In all the earth! Amen
  • Prayer 8 verse 1-9. GOD's awesome!

    Dear Jesus, our LORD, You are a refuge for the oppressed, A refuge in times of trouble. Support me today. Amen

    Prayer 9 verse 9. Rescue us

    Our Father in heaven, those who stray are caught in pride, they persecute the poor, with devices they imagine; Arise dear Jesus, Lift up thine Hand, Forget not the humble and meek. For we are supporting You. Amen

    Prayer 10 verse 2, 12. humble & meek

    For more Faith Introduction

    ( Prayer 1)

  • Happy is the man whose walk,
  • Is not like those with Head-strong balk,
  • Nor like those missing glory talk,
  • Or like a tongue with mocking fork.

  • For we delight a teaching Lord,
  • In His teachings, we meditate His Word,
  • All through the day and at night.

  • We are like a tree sown by the river,
  • His fruit is shown in His season,
  • His leaf has grown and shall not wither,
  • Our doings sown from yoked reason.

  • The Head-Strong are like chaff each day,
  • Which the wind of the Spirit blows away.
  • The Head-Strong cannot stand the weight,
  • In judgement they have no debate,
  • They are missing a lawyer Mate,
  • Not like the gathering of the straight.

  • My Jesus knows the way we walk,
  • In Him we sing, in Him we talk,
  • But the road of the wicked daily die,
  • They walk alone, they never cry.

    Here in Prayer one, the Author lists all the Hebrew words and gives the reader a real different understanding of David's prayer. We need to read and re-read these prayers over and over, looking at different "promised prayer power" within. There is much hidden gold within. My problem is to memorize them and learn to pray using the WORDS of Jesus. This is how I support Jesus and how He will support me. Such flow of power is not for me alone, for as the river of life flows through me, it divides and branches for others to drink from as well. It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around will warm up in your glowing. That's how it is with God's love, once you have experienced it. O Lord I love Your training, Lord I want to know what love is. My Jesus knows the way we walk, In Him we sing, In Him we talk. Shalom

    For more Prayer Faith (1)

    Consider these "Prayer Promises" to support Jesus in our prayers:

  • Ps 1:1 Blessed is man who walks in Jesus.
  • Ps 1:2 We delight in the teachings of Jesus.
  • Ps 1:2 We think of the teachings all day.
  • Ps 1:3 We are like a tree
  • Ps 2:3 Planted by the Streams of Water.
  • Ps 1:3 May Jesus fruit in His season.
  • Ps 1:3 May we bring forth Jesus' leaves.
  • Ps 1:3 May the leaves of Jesus not wither.
  • Ps 1:3 May we do things together.
  • Ps 1:6 Jesus knows the straight ones.
  • Ps 1:6 Keep us on Your road O Lord.
  • Ps 1:6 Help us not stray, lest we perish.

  • Ps 2:6 I am your anointed
  • On Your holy hill at my home.
  • Ps 2:7 Let me be your Son Today.
  • Ps 2:7 May we continue Your Love.
  • Ps 2:7 Through your door of heaven.
  • Ps 2:7 Be with me in my home.
  • Ps 2:11 Work with the Father with fear.
  • Ps 2:12 Kiss the Home-Head of heaven,
  • Ps 2:12 You are my Home-Head.
  • Ps 2:12 Jesus is the Grain.
  • Ps 2:12 Jesus is the Seed.
  • Ps 2:12 Kiss the Grain of heaven.
  • Ps 2:12 Kiss the Son of heaven, our Jesus
  • Ps 2:12 We are blessed trusting Jesus.

  • Ps 3:2 We have Yeshua in Elohiym.
  • Ps 3:3 You are a shield for me.
  • Ps 3:4 I cry and You hear me.
  • Ps 3:5 When I sleep you sustain me.
  • Ps 3:6 I am not afraid of people.
  • Ps 3:7 Saviour, save me from my enemies.
  • Ps 3:8 Yeshua is Yahwah. Bless my song.
  • Ps 4:1 Hear me O Jesus when I pray.
  • Ps 4:4 Stand is awe and sin not..
  • Ps 4:4 Pray in your heart upon your bed.
  • Ps 4:8 Our relationship is unified..
  • Ps 4:8 Lay me down in peace.
  • Ps 4:8 Let me sleep in Your safety.
  • Ps 5:3 I will pray and look up.
  • Ps 5:7 Pray towards thy heavenly temple.
  • Ps 5:12 You are my shield from sin.
  • Ps 5:12 Shield me Jesus from my thorns
  • Ps 6:2 Have mercy upon me,
  • O Jesus, for I am weak.
  • Ps 6:2 O Jesus heal me.
  • Ps 6:2 You are my Healer.

  • Ps 7:1 I trust Jesus to deliver me
  • Ps 7:14 Deliver us from our born mischief
  • Ps 7:14 Remove our evil propensities

  • Ps 8:2 Out of babies mouths
  • thou has ordained praise
  • Ps 8:3 When I consider the heavens
  • the work of your fingers..
  • Ps 8:4 what is man? the Son of Man?
  • Ps 8:5 You made mankind
  • a little lower than Elohiym
  • Ps 8:9 O Lord our Lord how excellent
  • is thy name in all the earth.

  • Ps 9:4 For thou do judgement
  • and right-influence..
  • Ps 9:9 The LORD is my refuge,
  • in times of headache-stress
  • Ps 9:10 The LORD does not forget thee
  • Ps 9:12 Remember the humble and meek
  • Ps 9:13 O LORD consider my affliction

  • Ps 10:16 The LORD is King
  • Ps 10:17 Hear the desire of the humble

  • Ps 11:1 Let us flee as a bird
  • to Your mountain..
  • Ps 11:3 The righteous drink from the
  • drinking-foundation of Jesus
  • Ps 11:5 The LORD is a blacksmith on us
  • Ps 11:7 Jesus loves His straight ones

  • Ps 12:1 Yashua Yahweh; the godly man
  • ceases for the "support" fails
  • among the children of men
  • The "Imrah" of the Father are pure words

  • Ps 13:2 When I have sorrow in my heart
  • Ps 13:5 I trust in Thy mercy
  • than I rejoice in Jesus

  • Ps 14:1 The fool says there is no God
  • Ps 14:4 The wicked eat people like bread
  • Ps 14:4 Keep us free Lord from GMO food

  • Ps 15:1 Who shall dwell in heaven?
  • Ps 15:2 He who travels completely,
  • working straightness,
  • speaking words of support,
  • in his heart-feelings.

  • Ps 16:8 The Lord is before me continually
  • Ps 16:10 leave not my soul in hell
  • nor suffer the Holy One corruption.
  • Ps 16:11 Thou know the path of life

  • Ps 17:2 Let Your judgement come forth
  • my eyes see the cord straightened
  • the cord of faith.
  • Ps 17:3 Thou proves my heart
  • Thou visits me at night
  • and finds nothing..
  • My mouth shall not cross-over
  • Ps 17:4 By the word from my lips
  • I guard myself from wild-mockers
  • Ps`17:5 Hold me that my footsteps slip not
  • 17:6 My ear hears the Word-personified
  • Ps 17:7 O my Saviour I trust thee. Arise
  • Ps 17:8 Guard the apple of Your eye,
  • hide me under the shadow
  • of Your coverings.

  • Ps 18:1..Have compassion, O LORD..
  • Ps 18:28 Light my candle.. LORD..

  • The teachings are complete
  • The witness of Jesus supports
  • making the wise simple
  • Ps 19:8 The statutes of Jesus are right
  • the commandments of the Father pure
  • enlightening the eyes
  • Ps 19:9 The judgements of Jesus
  • support the straight
  • Ps 19:13 Keep back thy servant
  • from being proud

  • Ps 20:1 The Lord will hear me
  • in the day of trouble
  • The name of Jacob defend thee
  • Ps 20:2 Send Your help-mate
  • from heaven our of Zion
  • Ps 20:3 Remember thy gifts..
  • Ps 20:5 We rejoice in Jesus..
  • Ps 20:6 Yahweh Jesus Christ
  • will hear me from heaven
  • Ps 20:9 Yashua YHWH King,
  • hear us when we call

    Now consider prayer 21:-

    Prayer 21:1 The king shall joy in the strength of YHWH Yashua, how greatly shall he rejoice (Ancient Hebrew)

  • Ps 21:2 Thou gives us our heart's desire,
  • or witheld our request of our lips.
  • Ps 21:3 You face us with Your blessings (Ancient Hebrew)

    Our Father in heaven, thank you for Yahweh Yashua, we shall have joy in His Name, may we enjoy our heart's desire, may we face His blessings, we support Jesus words in His Name. Amen

    Next we consider prayer 22.

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