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May 2019 The Author has been doing "prayer and fasting" and prayers written in the Psalms.These studies promise to train us how to have more of Jesus flowing in our lives. Shalom

Prayers the Author has currently studied:-

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(38) Removing our guilt, eye of rage

A new study of Jesus, the word personified.

May 2019 The Author has finished the SEARCH program, and this promises faster and better finding the webpages a reader might be looking for.

Going through the main menu is a better way to learn themes, about how to get more of Jesus flowing through our lives every day.

God bless those who seek the passionate burning of Christ.

The Author is currently studying the EGW book Steps to Christ, feeling enough maturity is available to understand the context correctly as the Science of Salvation, and matching the book Steps to Christ, to the Book in the Bible, called Jesus, which also presents the Bible Steps to Jesus. The Author will investigate how closely how both book presentations match, and are thus inspired.

See Steps to Christ studies.

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