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Fruits of love

FOUR STEP TO JESUS Q2: What are the fruits of love ?

The fruits of love comes come from the relationship principles with GOD.

(1) I AM your Saviour, Be willing to let Me in. Humble not proud.

(2) I AM your Home, Study my Words. Mourn what has been lost, not happy

(3) I AM your Power. Pray meekly to me, no presumption.

Only when you do these three works of love, can there be fruit to harvest..

(4) I AM your Fruit. Share me with others, no selfishness. Sign of holiness.

The love principles to GOD automatically make fruit to love others.

(5) Through Spirit, I respect my Family and honour their power.

(6) Through Spirit, I respect all life and honour all living things.

(7) Through Jesus, I respect relationships in my home and honour marriage.

(8) Through Jesus, I respect property and honour materialism humbly.

(9) Through the Father, I respect truth and honour words.

(10) Through the Father. I desire nothing more than GOD .

Can you see the Ten Commandment principles of love here ?

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May we seek the fruits of God's love in our lives, is my prayer in His Name. Shalom

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