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Prayer is about Jesus power through you..

THIRD STEP TO JESUS Q2: What is power ?

Power is the flow of good things from Jesus to you the receiver through faith in His grace. People without all of Jesus' power receive instead a flow of functional and dysfunctional things flowing through them. Jesus has to achieve this for you because you want your life this way, loving both "good" and "evil". Thus "evil" is really the sustained presence of less of Jesus' power flowing through your life.

Isa 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness (chaos): I make peace (shalom), and create evil (dysfunction): I the LORD (Jesus) do all these things. (KJV)

Notice the poetry parallels. Jesus is the author of light or chaos. Jesus is our source of wholeness (shalom) or dysfunction. Notice chaos and dysfunction is created, whatever that term means, and thus we have to trust Jesus as the author of all things...

How would we know what is moral unless we compare it to immoral ? sin

How would we know hot unless we compare it to less hot ? cold

How would we know light unless we compare it to less light ? dark

How would we know good unless we compare it to less than good ? evil

Therefore we seek to rise higher and higher in our Christian walk with Jesus. We seek to experience the flow of good things through us, Jesus' power in ever increasing amounts, till our cup is full and flowing over abundantly. Until we are joyous, happy and exhausted from such power meekly flowing through us to His glory and for His good pleasure in us. Shalom

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