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Study of humble meanings, 07807,shach

Q1: What does "shach" mean in the Bible ?

    There is only one verse that uses "shach". It is found in the oldest book of the Bible, Job...

Job 22:29 When men are cast down "shaphel", then thou shalt say "'amar", There is lifting up "gevah"; and he shall save "yasha`" the humble "shach" person "`ayin".

The "sharp or pressed" "walls or outside" The idea of the sharp walls of a pit, such as a trap in the ground, or dry well, or grave hole. Other child words follow this related theme : Grave or Pit, Strongs 7845 ..

In difficult cases like this, we have to look at the child and root words to guage the origin of meaning. The concept of going to the pit, is an idiom or saying, like being depressed to the point of death..a concept of depression, being blue, or feeling like the end is near..

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