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Study of rebuke, chastise, correct or reprove

HYPOTHESIS: What does the Hebrew word "yakach" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: One of the steps to Jesus is giving our will to Him daily. We often resist to do this because the human power within us resists. In Isaiah 1 is an interesting verse that asks us to "yakach" together with the Lord. This can be pictured as a discussion over our will and what benefits and conditions do I get from handing my will over to Jesus every second of every day. It's a big ask. Let's do the study first and see how this word is used in the Bible Scriptures.

METHOD: Again every verse is looked up, including any possible NT verses.

CONCLUSION: The word "yakach" means to chastise or rebuke or discuss something strongly.

PICTURE: The pictograph meaning of "yakach" is the "Hand"Palms"active"outside". This could be a picture of a Dad outside spanking his son with his palms of his arms. It is also a picture of a man waving his fingers sternly at somebody in a discussion of rebuke.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The meanings of context of "yakach" are interesting in the Bible. The word has many similes from Bible poetry parallels. The idea of discussing is a picture. The idea of the rod of correction is another picture. The idea of instruction is another. All these meanings are different ways of expressing "yakach". Thus GOD can be reasoned with. He likes to talk with us about our sinning, which spoils our relationship to Him. Than God wants to improve our relationship by providing you with incredible divine power that normal humans do not possess. Such is the amazing grace of God, that not only includes one being forgiven of sin, but power to overcome all known and ignorant sinning. God's love also includes the power to live a totally empowered life, through divine power flowing through you. It's quite a challenge, and like children we have to be trained slowly and carefully for His tasks in us. That's why the reasoning is mentioned in Isaiah 1.


The verses of study begin, both OT and NT. The OT word is "yakach". The Strongs number is 1198. The NT word is Strongs "2008" Greek word "epitimao"

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