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Study of profit or Mammon

HYPOTHESIS: What does the Hebrew "betsa" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: Money (silver and gold) is a topic covered at length in more or less a positive way in Scripture here. Now we turn our hand to money to more or less a negative way. In the NT the term hardly referenced but important to understand. The term is called Mammon. What was Mammon. We understand the term to mean money. Yes but what is the application of meaning from Scripture ? It's a difficult study and I had to look for OT Hebrew words that may match the NT word used for Mammon. So enjoy the study.

METHOD: All verses used in NT and OT.

CONCLUSION: The concept of the Greek term "mammonas" seems to come from a Babylonian concept that is similar to the Hebrew word "betsa". The word means to gain money by profit, corruption or other evil means. The concept is not so much equating "silver" per se' but the greediness of silver, or the corrupt manner money is gained.

PICTURE:     "betsa"" mammon" The word means "The home, travels the path, of the eye".

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The word in Hebrew "betas" seems to be the same concept as "Mammon". Mammon is not so much as a word that means "money" or "silver". See studies of silver. The word is more about the "home of the soul travelling the path of the eye", in other words buying things with money the eye lusts for, the riches of the world. The practice of self indulgence with money. The lusting of money for pleasure. The corruption of money, the extortion of others to gain more money than you ought. The greediness of money. The ability to make money an idol that controls your life. The treasure of the eye, that compels you to buy for the sake of buying. All these pictures are pictures of the Hebrew "betas" and the Greek word "Mammon".

DISCUSSION: The discussion with comments in text.

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