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Study of lowered, subdue, prostrate, bring down

HYPOTHESIS: What does "kana" mean ?

STRONGS     OT 03665

INTRODUCTION: This word is similar in meaning to humble, to lower oneself. The King James uses this word this way sometimes. The word also means to bow and prostrate one's self before another.

METHOD: See all verses that use this word.

CONCLUSION: There are several choices one could make. Possible solutions for the meaning of "kana" include "lowered". Another solution is "bring down", but this requires two compounded words.


Pictograph reads "with Palms among the people watching eyes "lowered on the ground" Notice English word 'knee' from Hebrew spelling "kno" to bend, lower oneself... Another English word is "knob", placing the palms on the knob, the body is bent over, the idea of being lowered. p> The palms suggest bending down to the ground as people in Eastern lands do. The idea of using a staff in the palms and a burden on the back, the people walk along with a bending over. So the body shape is lowered.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The word has a similar picture to being humble. The word is more to do with making one lowered, or brought down a level or two. The idea of humiliation comes to mind. This is a good English word as to humiliate someone is subdue them, or bring them down a level or two. The problem with the word humiliate is it seems closely related to the word humble, which it is not. The Bible idea of one who is humble, is a different concept. The English meaning seems to have combined "kana" and "shapel" into a concept of similar meanings; "humble" and "humiliate". Somebody who is humilitated is brought down low against their free will, whereas humble is the free will attitude of being lower than another in a relationship, because you love them.

This is my child like understanding so far on the word "kana". It may change over time as one reads and learns more. As truth matures, so does understanding and wisdom. God bless your salvation studies with Jesus our Saviour. Shalom


There are 31 verses in the OT that use this word, none ? in the NT.

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