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cry of the humble..

( 11 ) Job 24:14 The murderer rising with the light killeth the poor "`aniy" and needy , and in the night is as a thief .

.. the light killeth the humble .. or afflicted Interesting here that while Satan goes into the night to afflicted the humble so God will come like a thief in the night to humble the wicked...!! The scriptures often play with fun the contrasting affect of good and evil or function and dysfunction, Satan tries to keep pace with God... there is nothing new under the sun..

( 12 ) Job 29:12 Because I delivered the poor "`aniy" that cried , and the fatherless , and him that had none to help him.

.. humble ..

( 13 ) Job 34:28 So that they cause the cry of the poor to come unto him, and he heareth the cry of the afflicted "`aniy".

.. the cry of the humble .. or afflicted..correct..

( 14 ) Job 36:6 He preserveth not the life of the wicked : but giveth right to the poor "`aniy". {poor: or, afflicted}

.. but giveth right to the humble ..

( 15 ) Job 36:15 He delivereth the poor "`aniy" in his affliction , and openeth their ears in oppression . {poor: or, afflicted}

.. humble ..

( 16 ) Ps 9:12 When he maketh inquisition for blood , he remembereth them: he forgetteth not the cry of the humble "`aniy". {humble: or, afflicted}

.. the cry of the humble .. The King James scholars know the meaning of "aniy" is humble.... God does not forget the cry of the humble nor forget them in their afflicted....In fact while Satan likes to control the humble, being afflicted leads ones to being humble its a cause and effect, one is a contrast to the other...

( 17 ) Ps 9:18 For the needy shall not alway be forgotten : the expectation of the poor "`aniy" shall not perish for ever .

.. the expectation of the humble ..

( 18 ) Ps 10:2 The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor "`aniy": let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined . {The wicked...: Heb. In the pride of the wicked he doth persecute}

.. his pride doth persecute the humble ..

( 19 ) Ps 10:9 He lieth in wait secretly as a lion in his den : he lieth in wait to catch the poor "`aniy": he doth catch the poor "`aniy", when he draweth him into his net . {secretly: Heb. in the secret places}

.. .. lieth in wait to catch the humble ..poor he doth catch the humble .. lieth in wait to catch the poor ..poor he doth catch the poor .. A Bible parallel here, the lion can catch and abuse the poor because they seek... Poor people are easily mislead because they have people are generally not so easily mislead.. Thus the poor can be misguided by pretending shepherds who claim to care for them but they don't really care for them...

( 20 ) Ps 10:12 Arise , O LORD ; O God , lift up thine hand : forget not the humble "`aniy". {humble: or, afflicted}

.. hand forget not the humble .. Seeing "aniy" from God's point of view ..humble..

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