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STEPS TO JESUS Q2: Where is the Book of Salvation ?

The Bible Steps to Jesus are located in the Book of Salvation. But this name has been hidden from readers for years. Jesus comes from the Hebrew word Yeshua. Now is there a book called Yeshua in Scripture ? Another small misunderstanding in Hebrew is the letter H is often confused with Y. The Hebrew vowels are part of the consonants as well, so translators have made differences in the spelling of words. Thus Yeshua can also be spelled as Yoshua and Yoshea. Both of these books exist in the Hebrew Scriptures.

The book of Joshua is about the journey of people getting saved. The book of Hoshea (Hosea) is about how individuals are saved.

Hosea is called the Book of Salvation. It contains how to be saved. May God grant us the child like faith to embrace its teachings. Shalom

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