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Study of backslide, Strong's 4878, 654

HYPOTHESIS: What does the Hebrew "m@shuwbah" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: This is an interesting word. The most common word in Hebrew is "Home". This word is the idea of returning home. To the original home of Eden, Jesus took back from the earth during the great flood. Have you ever wondered why the most place on earth is below sea level in the dead sea area ? This is where the Garden of Eden was, the land was taken from earth to heaven by God, and will return to earth when Jesus rebuild earth again. That's a theory of faith of mine, and like all theories of faith, there is some evidence to fulfil observations until a better theoery of faith comes along. Your welcome to your own theories of faith. let's do the study now and see what "m@shuwbah" can tell us.

METHOD: See all verses in OT and NT

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word "m@shuwbah" means to "turn-away" or "backslide".


The words means to "turn-away". The pictograph means "The flowing pressed secured for home, Behold the Person !" (Strongs 4878)

PERSONAL APPLICATION: This word to "turn-away" or "backslide" is similar to "turn-back" or "repent", the concept of "turning-homeward".

     "repent" The pictograph means "Pressing securely for home..." (Strongs 7725) Notice the repentent person is pressing securely homeward, like a tent peg, against the hot air of people stress, coming home to Jesus.

     The hard person is over the horizon elsewhere, pressing himself...Behold the prodigal wandering elsewhere.... (Strongs 7185)...doing his own thing, with heart effort flowing to nothing..

The cure to coming homeward, if your wandering over the horizon looking for something this word below...


Notice over the horizon, pressing home. We need to "heed" or "listen" (Strongs 7181) and come back to GOD.

DISCUSSION: See comments in context.

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