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Creation Salvation prayer poems

Q45: Special Poetry prayers..

Poetry prayers written as a lad, aged 17 (we think), and they show many Scripture themes. We will study these carefully for evidence they also support GOD, at a deeper level, the lad in those days would not have known this.

These poems are a set of 14 with no title given. So we will call them Creation poetry prayers, for they show the Scripture themes of of how salvation was created, just as a simile of how Creation Week was created also.

The poems are highly structured. They begin with an opening, introducing the theme. This is followed by a natural object theme. Than a middle joining, adds another theme. The next lines introduce a spiritual theme, and this parallels as a simile to the natural theme. Finally a conclusion finishes the theme. While the themes of creation and salvation are parallels, and each sub theme also parallels, readers do not get bogged down by the poem flow. Just like Scripture poetry, the themes are there but hidden: you have to dig them out.

The purpose of these poems as poetry prayers is to show readers the simple child like faith a youth at aged 17 has. One does not need to know all the deeper levels of salvation to experience true love for Jesus.

The important thing is that we are found growing in His beauty, and enjoying the training of the Holy Spirit, our comforter, our tutor or our schooltrainer. Shalom

Day One

Mighty light in labour,

Dawns upon the earth,

Slowly she awakens,

Creation into renewed birth.

One humble insect,

On wing toiling long,

Diligently she gathers,

Her portion of nature's fuel,

Among coloured rainbows,

She sings buzzing song,

Obediently her faithful work,

Reflects His patterned rule.

No fruits of her work,

Are easy to see,

Let us question our role,

Of grace from Thee.

One humble servant,

Who sings Scripture's Word

Diligently he gathers,

His manna of Holy Fuel,

Faith outward active,

For he surrendered heard,

Responds without a question,

To our blessed Saviour's Rule.

For faith is nothing

Anyone can see,

We should be a worker,

In our Lord's mercy.

Day One

O strange night,

That you may be;

Ye have no control,

Over me.

See the rabbit here,

Her young in a furrow;

The dingo pack digging down,

To take the life;

But life feeds the jaws,

Of death without sorrow;

As she dies to keep her young,

From the ivory knife.

A rabbit dies willing,

To free her young;

Without any thought or care,

To how life is hung;

And what of Man? Are we

Scared of this quick death?

Fate, chance or accident,

May take you any time;

But if you worry, much

Sooner goes your breath,

For death is a slave,

To your rags of time.

Death is a sleep,

Where God sends you;

The end of life,

The beginning too.

Day Two

Mighty rock let us build,

That we may always stand;

Not like those falling flat,

On the ocean's sand.

A tree struggles slowly,

Along a rocky wall;

While in golden sand,

Others growing boast;

She learns from the pounding,

The truth of the call;

While round her storms unnatural,

Sweep the barren coast.

I am the way,

The truth and the life;

Come and learn of me,

To overcome strife.

Many have fallen along the beach,

Growing where they please;

While instructions for solid ships,

Are in the golden Word;

So steer your rudder,

Among the multitude of seas,

The rock is our Lighthouse,

Seaman and our Lord.

Give me time O Lord,

To read your Word each day;

For the Scriptures show,

Justice, Grace and the Way.

Day Two

Clean cycled sky,

Rich and pour;

Bringing soot,

And soiling more.

Summer rains hide a colony,

On evening wings;

The hollow round branch,

Shelters the noisey hive,

Abundant flowers, the

Waxed god safely sings;

When suddenly a fire,

Consumes them inside.

In melted luxury,

The sweet smell sours,

Like man and his

Prosperous money hours.

You live like slaves,

To a lazy silver beat,

The sky revolves but

What gears values for you?

That worthless image flows

Round the firey heat;

While melted hearts fight,

In the white waxed glue.

Money makes the clouds,

Blow round;

Mammon is cycled,

Greed flows down.

Day Three

O God what dust,

Has been born;

Come cripple,

This ugly form.

Come take me, force me

To love You, You again,

Go drag Your Enemy

From Your form,

And no animals of Nature,

Cause You pain,

But this image, this

Pitiful, hopeless form.

Like devils we drive

Life from the land,

For Adam's Mother formed

The dust of Man.

Supreme machines why build

On your concrete dreams?

When the Eternal guides,

Your tall towering trees,

Your forget the dust

Of Your deep ravines;

For their knowledge is dead,

Like my love for me.

God teach me

To be ugly,

So that I

May grow lovely.

Day Three

Who is greater ?

The leaf or the tree?

To who shall the

Glory given be?

All of her leaves,

Respond to lifes call,

So are the branchlets,

Which feed the tree;

Those who supply not

Their little light fall,

For the tree needs obedience

From those such as thee.

To the Law of life,

Do green leaves stay,

What do we give,

In our own small way?

The greater is reliant

On what small ones sow..

Let each give forth

Abundant fruit,

For the Law will show

Thee how to grow,

And the trunk shall give

Thee strength to suit.

Therefore son of man

Grow without why,

For each of her leaves,

Are placed in the sky.

Day Four

Ghastly god!

Why worship this eye?

When as slaves,

We live and die.

See the birds wake in the

Morning mirror air,

As the suns gears force

Action onto the earth,

The birds wake freely

And sing happily there,

They are rewarded too,

But what is life worth?

Like slaves to Nature

You toil and grow,

Where is God's justice?

Where does Man go?

Man toils, grows and breathes

In this heated hell,

Bound to the living

And forgetting the dead,

Our trivial filling ...

For God rings the bell,

Mans mangled milked events

To keep time fed.

Between two deaths

Our lives be,

But for many

There be three.

Day Four

Malignant viridescent

Mirrored moon,

Indignant iniquities,

Flesh the spoon.

Slothfully slowly sounds

Ebb into crescendo,

A snaking ant trail

Marches mechanically ahead,

Where mysterious red meat

Tempts red rivers to flow,

The trial grinds deeper

As lifes luxouriously fed.

Blind snaking ant trail

Trusting your smell,

Perfumed propensities meat

Leading all to hell.

Are we led to labour?

Or is self the real sin?

Is our propensity for the

Moon tidal more?

The world whirls in darkness,

But the ethers within,

As the rotting flesh lives,

Feeding the grey green war.

And I cry O GOD


That I may live

So unselfishly.

Day Five

Ageless fisherman

Weak but strong,

Catching creatures

Among the throng.

A stream from rocky

beginnings flow,

Weak at first

Her singing theme,

To the river

Droplets go,

Recycled afresh

Return to the stream.

For it is the Spirit

Of love we rely

But many streams

Their life supply.

Springs of living

Water flow,

For the Spirit

Allows streams to part,

So the faithful

Waters grow,

To mighty rivers,

In our heart.

If any thirst

Let him come to Me,

For My water is a

Living spring for thee.

Day Five

Ark ! Ark !

The galahs do scream,

Stealing treasure

Beneath a stream.

Multitude of ants

Collecting seed,

Abundances placed

Around their nest;

Only a little truth

They heed,

While falling prey

To all the rest.

For where your treasure

Will be seen,

So mans heart is

The major theme.

Ye gather seed from

Mother Earth,

Only to store in

Farmers fields,

Few sow to harvest

Heavenly worth,

Weeds and stones

Choke the yields.

Great is the

Work of he,

If only his toil

Golden be.

Day Six

Bubbling beauty

On carefree air,

A baby reaching

For constant care.

His mouth wide open

He cries for food,

While mother toils gently

She works all day,

And in an innocent

Singing mood,

Gathers her needs

Along the way.

Sparrow singing in

Natures care,

A faithful worker

So humble there.

The power is ours

If we should ask,

Mustard mountains

Often grow,

Worry not how your

Seeds are cast,

Gardner knows how

Seeds will grow.

So son of man

Seek power rare,

Active children

In Saviour's care.

Day Six

Sex is a

Quick injection,

Like animals you milk

God's rejection.

A baby calf grows sucking

Mums viscous love.

It responds to

Inherited infection;

And like a mechanical

Small beak above,

The baby calf milks

Mothers sweet affection.

Gods unknowing machines

Wax old and dead.

Like mans sexy ideas

To how loves fed.

Do we care for the

Grace God has bought?

For evil love kills

The inner measure of Man,

It is no love at all,

For love is God brought,

Unexplainable power

Flooding our land.

Gods mysterious milk

So witheld,

Mans supreme machine

In Satans world.

Day Seven

What Art Thou?

O King of Kings?

Whose powers bring

All the things.

Who is Mother Nature

Of all her ware,

The cloud clear trees

Reflect Your Face.

While free singing slaves

Fly under Your care.

O ineffable power

Flooding dark space.

Creation sucks

Your infinite supply,

Under the Law

All things apply.

O fulgent form

Creating me a man,

You've given Satan

The power to destroy,

With Him, we destroy

Your ordered land,

But the faithful ask

Leave from Satan's toy.

Father teach me

Nothing new,

But what Your

Singing slaves do.

Day Seven

Bible of stars

Show their revelation,

The starry printed pages

Of salvation.

On autumn hills shines

The angels star,

A lamb is born

Perfect, white and free

Selected for slaughter

Suddenly the knife fell ajar,

While sin was tearing

the temples body of Thee.

Lord of the Sabbath

Give us restoration,

Instill in us the

Memorial of salvation.

Come let us reach for the

Higher powers of grace,

For Time came on time

With a time not His own,

Three sevens in his Father's

Love save a dying race,

And Eternal Time will

Come to take us home.

O Lord give me power

Over temptation,

Mature in us the Daily,

Through sanctification.

Our Father in heaven, for our Creation, thank you for dear Jesus, for our Salvation, may we bring forth your fruits of character, we support Jesus words. Amen

We will dig into Creation for the reader, to give a taste of the child like growing we all have in Jesus as a beginner in His grace.

Salvation 1 formed Salvation 1 filled
light lives night dies
labour birth dying destroys
toiling long feeding quick
Jesus manna Ivory knife
Faith outward Slave inward
mercy worker time sleeper
gather fruits steal from slaves
grace His Word death in time
designed rule/role fate/chance/accident
respond/surrender worry/fear/scared
bee worker slave sleeper
busy worker bee lazy drone bee
respond to mercy presumption
rabbit on living death
willing to die scared to die

Salvation 2 formed Salvation 2 filled
mighty land cycled sky
grow by teachings die by fire
steer rudder lazy silver
Golden Word Waxed god
Word/guides/saves Money/enslaves/idol
I AM the way I AM greed
time to read lazy silver beat
justice/grace/way money/mammon/greed
growing solid melting sours
mighty rock falling sand
follow Word follow self
flower luxury money values
money cycles mammon greed

Salvation 3 formed Salvation 3 filled
sinless dust righteous vegetation
will/relationship natural/relationship
living form law of living
technology dust community growth
selfish pride abundant fruit
self love righteous love
ugly self lovely relationship
Animals follow Man forgets
righteousness reliant
law of living sharing

Salvation 4 formed Salvation 4 filled
worship sun worship moon
work sin
heated hell tempting smell
mangled milk maggot meat
toil and grow sinful propensities
time is fed sin of self
living death rotting ether
justice tidal
happy birds mangled man
slaves to nature slaves to hell
red meat ant grey green war
temptation without ether within

Salvation 5 formed Salvation 5 filled
fish birds
water of life luxury of life
thirst treasure
living spring farmers fields
Holy Spirit Holy Men
mighty rivers choked yields
faithful waters grow mans heart treasure
fish in sea man in Spirit
slaves to nature slaves to hell
natural stream living spring
birds scream mans fight
treasure stored treasure lost

Salvation 6 formed Salvation 6 filled
Animals Man
faithful love sexy love
happy toil mechanical injection
power rare grace bought
Seed of faith Seed of Sex
Gardener knows Satans world
mustard mountains mysterious milk
happy bird ignorant man
faithful bird power rare
beastly love unexplainable love
mechanical milk mysterious milk

Salvation 7 formed Salvation 7 filled
GOD of time Sabbath time cease
King of Kings lamb slain
Lord of Creation Lord of Sabbath
Creation Redemption
Revelation Sanctification
Second Coming Eternal Time
666 777
King of glory Son of man
free singing slaves singing slaves
salvation sacrifice power daily
memorial of creation memorial of salvation

Let us now look at the youth writing about faith. Since we understand faith as support, as well as other attributes, does the youth also have hints of this?

Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (KJV)

Heb 11:1 Now "support" is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Ancient Hebrew)

What does the Youth write?

  • One humble servant,
  • Who sings Scripture's Word
  • Diligently he gathers,
  • His manna of Holy Fuel,
  • Faith outward active,
  • For he surrendered heard,
  • Responds without a question,
  • To our blessed Saviour's Rule.
  • For faith is nothing
  • Anyone can see,
  • We should be a worker,
  • In our Lord's mercy.

    Support comes from praying Scripture words, than gathering the manna that falls, for his faith is outward and active, for all to see. This faith only falls if one surrenders to the science of Jesus' salvation. The youth writes faith is not seen, but hoped for, and concludes our work of faith is because our Saviour is merciful.

    The Youth also writes

  • A faithful worker
  • So humble there
  • The power is ours
  • If we should ask,
  • Mustard mountains
  • Often grow,
  • Worry not how your
  • Seeds are cast,
  • Gardner knows how
  • Seeds will grow.
  • So son of man
  • Seek power rare,
  • Active children
  • In Saviour's care.

    So while the Youth does not discover this new meaning of faith as support, the child like growth in Jesus is along the right track of salvation.

    We will leave further studies here. God bless those who read this website about the Science of Salvation. May you grow more and more in Jesus. May the showers of His beauty make you beautiful. Amen

    Next we consider more poetry prayers from the Prayers of David.

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