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Q3: Welcome to prayer training by Jesus..

Understand the childlike foundations first:-

(1) How to support Jesus , how to receive "Faith" power daily.

(2) Former rains in Jesus, learning to keep the mind prepared.

(3) Latter rains in Jesus. Keeping spiritual revival going.

(4) You are ready for prayer training. How to experience deeper flow from Jesus through prayer and fasting.

Let's continue with childlike training by Jesus, seven years ago:-

My strong authority be praised ! Jesus is talking to me, through my conscience in prayer.

  • Prayer is listening to Jesus.

    Me: "..Lord, how do I know it's you talking to me and not Satan..";

    AJ: " their fruits you will know them.."

    Me: "..I see..

    AJ: "..test the spirits.."

    Me: " do I know, its not my own self talk ?.."

    AJ: "...[silence].."

    Me: "..people will think I am mad.."

    AJ: "..I am foolishness to those I do not choose.."

    Me: "...I see.."

    AJ: " not lose faith.. and you will be richly rewarded.."

    Me: "..thank you.."

    AJ: " pleasure.."

    This is a common dialogue, and often one can doubt the still small voice of Jesus via the Holy Spirit talking to you. The power of GOD is spiritually discerned to those who hear the call of God. Test the voices you hear by the fruit of your obedience. Satan cannot hear your mediations with God, but Satan can voice words you hear, and make it seem real, personal and just the thinking you were doing. Ye cannot serve two Masters, but you can tell which Master is empowering you by the fruits of your character. Shalom

    Next we look at some child like prayers many years ago, dealing with doubt.

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