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How do multiple meanings arise?

Q2: How does polysemy arise ?

Words are words, especially if they are spelt the same....aren't they ?

Remember those English days in school...we all disliked English ? And our teachers never taught us grammar very well, if at all.

The farmer went to produce some produce.

Is the word "produce" and "produce" the same word ? Or different words ? Or the same word with different meanings ? Hence multiple meanings ?

A different way of saying this is..."The farmer produced produce."

Now I ask you again, is the verb any different in meaning to the noun here ? Does the verb "produced" meaning anything different to the noun "produce" ? Well an English expert would say, yes, both words have different contexts of meanings, even though they are spelled the same, hence multiple meanings.

But really folks, let's keep things simple. And child like. Shalom

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